Thursday, 14 May 2009

Homes Sweet Homes

The inquiry into the proposed final phase of The Hamptons development ends next week, the local Guardian tells us, before the matter is passed to Communities Secretary Hazel Blears for a decision.

Or perhaps that should be 'embattled Communities Secretary' Hazel Blears, as the ginger ninja is facing the prospect of having to pay back £13,000 in expenses claimed on her second home.

I am hoping that she will be so angry and enraged at recent chain of events that she will be unable to bear the thought of a second home being built, let alone the 146 others that St James wants to build alongside it.

Fingers crossed.

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Adrian Short said...

The £13K wasn't an expenses claim. It was the capital gains tax Ms Blears avoided by claiming to HMRC that her second home was her first while simultaneously claiming to the Commons fees office that it was her second home, allowing her to claim an upkeep and furnishing allowance for it.

But yes, I expect she has plenty on her mind right now.

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