Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Boscombe Tea Party?

When TV adverts tell us to communicate and reach out to the people around us what they are really telling us to do is to join a particular mobile phone network. When they extol the virtues of gathering the whole family together for a Sunday roast the only real message is that we should buy their brand of gravy granules.

So in this cynical world it is nice to find to come across an advert which (so far as I can tell) genuinely is about getting people up and down the country to do something neighbourly and community-spirited in the form of 'The Big Lunch'.

Organised by 'The Eden Project' (the people with the oversized tellytubby greenhouses in Cornwall) The Big Lunch is all about encouraging us all to get together with those strangers around us that we loosely describe as 'neighbours' to hold a street party on Big Lunch day (19th July).

Their vision is simple - to bring neighbourhoods together, to reignite the spirit of community as we get to know the people who live around us.

According to the Big Lunch website there aren't any Big Lunches planned for Worcester Park yet. Blog reader Amy, contacted the Worcester Park Blog after seeing the TV advert:

"I thought to myself how lovely it would be if we had a Big Lunch in our road (Boscombe Road) but I don’t know if anyone would come or how well it would be received.

I wondered if you had any ideas on whether a Worcester Park wide Big Lunch would work?"

If you are interested in organising a Big Lunch check out their website and of course get in touch so we can follow your progress.

Oh, and don't forget to invite me round for pudding.