Sunday, 26 April 2009

Bowled Over

As St George's day proves on an annual basis, it's difficult (without lapsing into tired national jibes or weary cliches of morris dancers and warm beer) to come up with a list of things that are quintessentially English.

Traditional English sports would feature heavily on my list were I to have the energy to come up with one. There is little more pleasingly English than the summertime sounds of leather on willow and the rippling of applause from the pavillion.

More tea, vicar?

Then there is the reassuring clinking and polite chatter of a game of bowls being played on a perfectly manicured green - all at a comfortingly gentle pace.

Sadly, this week sees the closure of the Worcester Park Bowling Club in Green Lane. Declining membership means that the pavillion will be locked up for the final time on Thursday, closing the chapter on 88 years of bowling in Worcester Park.

I think I shall have a cucumber sandwich in their honour.