Thursday, 30 April 2009

A Novel Idea

Excluding John Major's autobiography, I don't think Worcester Park has ever featured in a work of fiction.

That could all be about to change though, according to an e-mail I have received from Ian from San Fransisco Bay Area, California.

Ian tells me he spent the summer of 1989 living in Worcester Park as part of an exchange program and was evidently so inspired by his brief flirtation with KT4 that he is writing a novel set mostly in Worcester Park.

He has asked for my help with one particular detail of Worcester Park public transport:

"As I recall, back in '89 the trains that served Worcester Park Rail Station were sometimes of the old fashioned sort where the cars were split into separate cabins, most of which had their own doors. Does that sound at all correct?"

Now as I recall, the 'slam door' trains that I assume Ian is referring to would only occasionally have serviced Worcester Park, as they were normally used on the longer-distance services from Waterloo.

Also, I think it was only First Class sections of these trains that had those small cabins (although there were no classes of ticket on the suburban lines so when those trains were in use from Worcester Park anyone could get away with using the First Class compartments).

Perhaps readers with better memories of Worcester Park in the late 1980s can enlighten me further?