Friday, 10 April 2009

Going For Gold

When I was last there, the the paint still drying, the furniture had still to be moved into position and the finishing touches had yet to be added to the decorations. I was, I must admit, a little sceptical as to whether the Midas Touch was right for Worcester Park.

Now that it has been open for a week, I paid another visit last night to enjoy a night of good food, beer and cocktails.

The place was relaxed but buzzing, oozing sophistication - trendy but not pretentious. I think the seldom-quoted Mrs WP best summed up the vibe when she said to me "It doesn't feel like we're in Worcester Park".

As if it couldn't get any better, the food was absolutely fantastic - a world away from traditional pub-grub offerings, and word has obviously spread as the dining area was very busy.

In these troubled times it is great to see fresh life being breathed into a Worcster Park venue and moreover to see the creation of something so radically new, exciting and uniquely positioned.

Now, where did I put the Alka Seltzer...