Monday, 20 April 2009

Lead Astray

Google's new StreetView service was launched a few weeks back to a maelstrom of middle class concern about how the technology would prove a burglar's research tool of choice.

So it was strangely reassuring to find a criminal distinctly behind the times when it comes to Google-fuelled crimes.

The Sutton Guardian reports on how Thomas Berge from Thorton Heath was arrested in Longfellow Road on Saturday 4th April after being spotted scrambling over rooftops in Central Road intent on stealing lead tiles.

The ne'er-do-well (convicted just weeks before hand for similar offences) apparently used the good old fashioned technology of Google Earth to scour buildings with lead on their roofs.

How quaint.

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Adrian Short said...

Leading security consultant Bruce Schneier wrote a piece the last time this chap got nicked. It's still pertinent.

The Parkerilla said...

Thanks Adrian, thats a great and thought provoking article I hadn't seen before and I've only just started on the numerous links to other items.


The Parkerilla

avenuetop said...

We surveys refer to a collection of building tops as 'roofs'.. just like Snow White and her seven dwarfs..

Sorry, I can't help but correct people.

'rooves' isn't a word.


Worcester Park said...

Avenuetop -I am so sorry for using the word rooves. I did of course mean roofs. I have remoofed the error.

avenuetop said...

Thanks, I will sleep peacefully tonight!

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