Friday, 17 April 2009

Acacia Interested...

Worcester Park's twelfth hairdressing salon 'Acacia Hair & Beauty' is about to open its doors to the public. The launch party has been in full swing this evening -I wasn't invited for drinks and nibbles, but I shan't hold that against them.

There's an opening offer of 15% off many treatments - quite whether that will tempt Mrs WP away from spending a
large fortune at The Rose Spa remains to be seen.

Meanwhile the rain, the damp and the general grey misery can herald only one thing - the start of the BBQ season.

Well, the start of the CazBar barbecue season at least, starting from around 3pm tomorrow. It should, of course, be branded the 'Cazbarbecue'.

I hereby assert all rights over that title, and demand that royalties for using it be paid in the form of burgers and sausages.

Here's hoping for sunshine tomorrow.