Friday, 17 April 2009

Acacia Interested...

Worcester Park's twelfth hairdressing salon 'Acacia Hair & Beauty' is about to open its doors to the public. The launch party has been in full swing this evening -I wasn't invited for drinks and nibbles, but I shan't hold that against them.

There's an opening offer of 15% off many treatments - quite whether that will tempt Mrs WP away from spending a
large fortune at The Rose Spa remains to be seen.

Meanwhile the rain, the damp and the general grey misery can herald only one thing - the start of the BBQ season.

Well, the start of the CazBar barbecue season at least, starting from around 3pm tomorrow. It should, of course, be branded the 'Cazbarbecue'.

I hereby assert all rights over that title, and demand that royalties for using it be paid in the form of burgers and sausages.

Here's hoping for sunshine tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

the rose spa in worcester park is a one off lovely shop with lovely girls who work in it to .it is really a lovely place to be they are so friendly .

Anonymous said...

Please avoid Laura at all costs. Completely ruined my hairdressing experience for me. Very rude girl! The others aren't bad but make sure you ask who you will be dealing with beforehand!!

Gutless Anonymity said...

If you identify a local business and name a specific employee there, but haven't the guts to identify yourself, kindly post your comments using the ID "Gutless R. Sole".

Still anonymous said...

I chose to remain anonymous due to the fact that who knows what some people are like!

And still gutless said...

Don't judge our community by your own, anti-social existence. If you want to make a genuinely positive contribution to the area, leave it!

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