Thursday, 19 March 2009

Street Seen

Google StreetView has been available in the USA for some time, so I was somewhat nerdily excited to spot the Google van with rooftop camera prowling the local streets some months back.

The results have finally gone live - where once you had to content yourself with satellite images, you can now view Worcester Park (and other less important areas) from street level.

The scenes of Worcester Park were, I would deduce from what I have seen, captured in late August last year.

So head over to Google StreetView here and explore KT4 from the comfort of your PC.

There's special bonus points if you are able to spot yourself pictured out and about in Worcester Park!

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The Colonel said...

The Colonel has spotted one of his many chicken emporiums on the corner of Caldbeck. Looks like someone is buying a bucket of the Colonels Finest. Hope they got a Vienetta with that.

Kathie said...

glorius sunshine - plenty of parking space - hardly any traffic and few people around. Is this a parallel universe Worcester Park? Must have been a Wednesday as the bins are outside the houses.

felipe said...

Kathie was right....Wednesday 17th of September 2008. I'll keep my cards close to my chest as to how I know that one???????

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