Sunday, 22 March 2009

A Pheasant Surprise

'R Scott' has contacted the Worcester Park Blog to tell us about an unusual wildlife siting in Cheam (wherever that is):

"Has anyone else seen the cock pheasant feeding along London Road, Cheam? I couldn't believe my eyes to see a such a colourful bird dining out in a London suburb."

Let's hope it doesn't stray too close to KFC.

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NS said... your day job as a headline writer for the Sun? Superb pun skills, my friend.

Worcester Park said...

Thanks NS. Although the choice was between 'A Pheasant Surprise' and 'Huge Cock Spotted In Cheam'. I think I chose wisely.

The Colonel said...

The Colonel only ever hand pics the finest Kentucky raised chickens for his Bargain Buckets. There is no place for Pheasent in this fried chicken dominated world.

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