Sunday, 15 March 2009

Fit To Open

Ginger & Garlic, the Sri Lankan/South Indian takeaway on Windsor Road (next to Mikes Music) has risen phoenix-like from the ashes and has now re-opened for business after a refit and a (non-food-related) health scare for the owner.
So for tasty but unpronounceable dishes like 'Mukunuwenna Mellum' you know where to head!

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monkeygirl said...

I can thoroughly recommend the food here, it is a true taste of sri lanka and is delicious and reasonably priced.
The staff are very helpful if you aren't sure what to choose (or how much to order if there are a few of you).

Zoe said...

I was quite upset that this was closing, I had put it on my to-do list for a while and thought I would never try Sri lankan food (and would have to put it on my not-accomplished list). Will be trotting down there asap!

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