Monday, 16 March 2009

Craic Addicts

Boris Johnson. Always has a fantastic quote just tucked up his sleeve. He was out enjoying the early St Patrick's Day celebrations in Trafalgar Square yesterday and gushed in a radio interview about what he called:

"..the display of good old Irish bonhomie"

Alors, mes Celtic amis, tomorrow (Tuesday) is St Patrick's Day when half the population suddenly boast of having Irish heritage (something which they then invariably spend a further 364 days denying).

No doubt lots of local drinking establishments will be inviting you to celebrate tomorrow night, but seeing as the North End Tavern was the only one to volunteer information on their goings on, I'll grant them a free plug:

"On the eve of the 17th March there will be a gathering of the finest of people and their friends at the North End Tavern to enjoy a couple of Guinness and good Irish song and Dance from 9pm until the Leprechaun comes out at the end of the night...

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day 9pm @ North End Tavern"