Saturday, 14 March 2009

Combing Soon

In these days of retail gloom, the appearance of any new shop on Central Road must be a cause for celebration.

Works began this week on the empty 'Rendezvous Cafe' shop unit (next to the defunct Model Road & Rail store) which, the Worcester Park Blog can exclusively reveal, is being turned into a unisex hair salon.

Another hairdresser, I hear you ask?

At last count we have 'Hair By Fiko', 'The Barber Shop 2 Hair Masters', 'Kims', 'SeanHanna', 'Ciarans', 'Cut & Design', 'Deb'n'Hair', 'Hair Cutting Co' and 'Tops'.

That makes a grand total of nine. Can Worcester Park support a tenth hair salon? Only time will tell.

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NS said...

I'm not sure why but this just made me irrationally angry. Why do we have to have a dozen of one kind of shop (charity, hairdressers) but still sorely lack in other needed stores? Blech.

Jacey said...

NS - Totally agree, we simply have too many hairdressers/salons and charity shops but I don't know what else we should have. When I moved here in 1993 we had 2 butchers, 3 bakers, a fish shop as I recall. If you think of what we've lost - gift shop, wool shop, fish shop, , estate agents, tv shop, furniture shop etc I don't know what we could have here.We have the "basics/necessities" the butcher, baker, fruit/veg shop, stationers, chemist, frozen food/supermarket, electrical, hardware etc. We could perhaps have a fish shop but we did years ago I think, or a deli. I'm not disagreeing at all with you but can we "support" another coffee shop/takeaway in these times when we supposedly have so little money to spend. And if, say another bakers arrives, that usually means one goes eventually. I don't know what the answer is, empty shops or rubbish shops? We already have about 10 empty shops and double ones will be more difficult to fill I guess.

Anonymous said...

Barbers have been known to be a cut-throat market...

Anonymous said...

A Lidl's would be good in WP.
Waitrose is too expensive for many things, so another supermarket would go down well and provide some much needed cheaper competition.

Either that or a Savers (cheaper version of Superdrug) or a £1 shop.

Jacey said...

Sorry Anonymous, can't agree that we should have a £1 shop. Trying not to sound snobbish here - I agree that Waitrose is expensive- but we don't need to turn into a Morden/Sutton do we? I don't think too many of these cheap shops will help the area. At the moment its a nice High Street but filling it with pound shops won't help. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

What about a Wilkinson they are dirt cheap but not quite as skanky as a 99p shop also need somewhere that unlock and sell mobile phone covers

Anonymous said...

Central Road has to face the fact that the number of shop units is too high, hence the vacancy rate. Quite frankly the council planners need to allow a change of use in some back to residential, especially those on the fringes of the high street starting with the old double glazing place opposite the North End Tavern. The total number of units (full and empty) remains the same as in the 70s when there were no massive retail parks/superstores for competition. In the 21st century, there isn't the demand for this many small local shops. Better to have a concentration of good viable shops along a shorter section of high street rather than all the gaps at the moment which make it look like a bad set of teeth. Incidentally, the reason for the plethora of hairdressers and cafes is simple: 1) there is reduced/no competition from the retail parks/superstores for this kind of service; 2) these kind of operation can be set up easily by enteprising/hard working people from abroad as the skills required are transferable across national boundaries; 3) set up costs are low(ish) and the tenants will benefit from a desparate landlord's initial 3/6/12 months rent free period during which they attempt to establish their business and, if not succesful, then fold and move on.

The reason for the amount of charity shops is: they have tax advantages over normal reatilers; most of their stock is free (donated)and many of their staff volunteers, hence low operating costs mean they can survive.

P.S if we end up with a Wilkinsons as mentioned by other then that may kill 3 or 4 of the hardware/stationery/general shops resulting in a net increase of even more empty units.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where all these cafes / coffee shops are that everyone is talking about. We are a small group of mums with buggies and we can't find anywhere to go at around 11am other than Costa Coffee which is normally so packed we can't get in despite it being so expensive. If you see a group of young women with babies traipsing up and down the High Street then that's us - desperate for a coffee and a nice bit of cake and/or a bacon sandwich!

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