Saturday, 14 March 2009

Combing Soon

In these days of retail gloom, the appearance of any new shop on Central Road must be a cause for celebration.

Works began this week on the empty 'Rendezvous Cafe' shop unit (next to the defunct Model Road & Rail store) which, the Worcester Park Blog can exclusively reveal, is being turned into a unisex hair salon.

Another hairdresser, I hear you ask?

At last count we have 'Hair By Fiko', 'The Barber Shop 2 Hair Masters', 'Kims', 'SeanHanna', 'Ciarans', 'Cut & Design', 'Deb'n'Hair', 'Hair Cutting Co' and 'Tops'.

That makes a grand total of nine. Can Worcester Park support a tenth hair salon? Only time will tell.