Monday, 2 February 2009

Thaw By Four

You turn the key in the ignition, feeling smug and self-satisfied.

You've spent so long being ridiculed for having a poncey 4x4 in the middle of Worcester Park.

But today is your day - your one chance to prove why your mode of transport is superior, to own the streets, to crown yourself king of the road.

Unfortunately it turns out that you are a tosser, so you drive too fast and as you reach the bend at the top of Central Road you lose control and end up slewing your Chelsea tractor sideways across the road, narrowly missing two perfectly normal cars bring driven perfectly sensibly in the snow.

And to think you waited six long years for this.

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NS said...

Where's Nelson from The Simpsons when you need him?

Adrian Short said...

I noticed this last night before the roads were gritted and most of the traffic was doing around 5mph. It was only the 4x4s that were trying to stick to around 30, though why their drivers think their stopping distance on ice is going to be any better just because they've got a heavier vehicle than average is anyone's guess.

Anonymous said...

You should of seen some of the tailgating going on going up central road... some people seriously must lack most brain cells to be doing that in this weather....errrrr.. natural selection..

foxy said...

At last they have collected my rubbish! It's a shame they can't put the bins back outside my house and not half-way down the road blocking the pavement.

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