Monday, 2 February 2009

Grit & Determination

With South West Train services from London Waterloo to Epsom via Worcester Park cancelled and no buses running anywhere in London, this was clearly not going to be a day for going to work.

In Worcester Park it was more Russia than rush-hour - instead of the predicted traffic gridlock, the roads were eerily empty with only a few (fool)-hardy souls venturing out on four wheels.

On an unusally-car free Central Road, though, most of the shops are shut as shop owners stay (or are stuck) home and in the supermarkets the lack of deliveries is already leaving shelves distinctly empty.

Worcester Park today belongs to the pedestrian - the absence of traffic has turned residential roads into wintry playgrounds, with sledges and snowball fights as far as the eye can see.

Most Worcester Parkers though appear to be making the best of it, so enjoy the snow, enjoy the peace and quiet and the free day off work.

Further heavy snow is forecast to hit us later this afternoon, so more enjoyable chaos looks to be on the way.
Meanwhile, for those of you not brave enough to venture out into the white stuff, you can enjoy scenes of Worcester Park in the snow right here.