Sunday, 15 February 2009

Pint Of Youngs

Two Worcester Park outlets are sat well and truly on the licensing naughty-step after selling alcohol to underage customers in a test purchasing operation organised by Sutton Council.

The Drill public house on Cheam Common Road and Sainsbury's on Central Road both failed to check for proof of age.
Full marks though to the 'Off Licence' (next to CazBar) on Central Road who checked age and refused service, passing the test with flying colours.

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Bear said...

Well done to the Off Licence next to the Cazbar. They are always friendly and helpful in there, and, if you like a drop of wine, usually have some great bargains.
We've bought our xmas and party stocks in there before and often been given a free bottle of wine with a large order.
Once again, another of our small high street shops that we should support.

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