Friday, 27 February 2009

Credit Crunched

As anyone who has lost, tumble-dried or otherwise parted company with their flexible friend will attest, being without a bank card is one of the most inconveniencing episodes in modern life.

To lose ones card in a cashpoint machine once is unfortunate. To lose it twice in the same machine is downright annoying.

A very angry 'Fred The Shred' has e-mailed the Worcester Blog to find out if anyone else has shared his misfortune:

"On my way to get my hair cut at Kim's I used my NatWest cash card in the Barclays Bank cash machine, forgetting the trouble that occurred last time I tried this simple operation.

Much to my surprise and subsequent dread, my card was swallowed; the message telling me it had been "retained" on the advice of my bank.

This same thing happened to me before Christmas, and sure enough when I checked again this time, the same faulty premise of their "theft" of my cashcard was dashed. Natwest told me they had put out no such message and blamed the faulty cash machine.

Because I work, I can't get to the bank manager direct but the friendly Scouser in Barclays call centre said "I can assure you they would not have taken your card unless Natwest told them to" but I beg to differ.

This has happened to me twice, after all. I summoned up my haughtiest "Hyacinth Bucket" persona and demanded a letter of apology, an explanation of what had gone wrong and an assurance it would not happen again.

It may seem a bit strong but it's enough effort for me to sort my life out, without having to wait a week or a new card to arrive every time this happens. Lazy people have to stand up for themselves once in a while.

Also in the spirit of 'angry of Worcester Park' I threatened to parade outside the bank with a placard warning other innocent dupes of the rogue machine but I hope to be able to back down on this potentially humiliating protest."

Has anyone else fallen victim to a hungry cashpoint?