Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Creative, My Arts

Worcester Park's finest have been in action again - this time redecorating the Worcester Park station.
As you can see it's not quite Banksy.

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Anonymous said...

Bloody half term....There have been kids at the station all this week - loitering, acting in a very anti-social manner, spitting, smoking weed and being a general nuisance. Where are the British Transport Police when you need them???

Peeved off Percy

Ian Morris said...

Your right, its definitly not a Banksy. But if you change the 'B' in Banksy to a 'W' you're probably much closer to the actual name of the 'artist'.

Anonymous said...

Pah! Who needs real transport police when you can install hundreds of CCTV cameras and then pay a doughnut munching Homer Simpson impersonator to casually observe them? This isn't the 1960s! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes there were some horrible little kids (teenagers) on the train to Waterloo yesterday. Shouting, jumping around,generally being loutish.
When they arrived at Waterloo they barged past everyone to get off the train first. However I made sure I reached the ticket barrier before them and made them wait to get through. But the worse thing was that they were Polish which surprises me because all the Polish I've seen here seem to be quiet and well-mannered.

Anonymous said...

The area around the station seems to be in a downward spiral of ghettoization - graffiti painted over in a variety of shades resulting in nothing much better, the steps are never swept and the mountain of rubbish accumulating down the side of the exit steps towards the high street is grim. The glamourous row of shops - Hair by Fiko etc. looks like they were transplanted from Peckham c.1970. Is it because the railway dissects kingston and sutton so no-one claims ownership? Im not sure the point of all the cctv cameras in the station/on the high street as theyre clearly a complete waste of cash.

coffee man said...

Totally agree with you Anon (21st) i dont use the train much ,but getting off yesterday i was disgusted by the rubbish on either side of the path down to Fiko's and on the other bank under the bridge.It's a real disgrace and not a pleasant welcome for visitors to WP . Why don't the Railway people clean it up or get the work in community 'chain gang ' to clean the areas on a regular basis .

J said...

This area has been ruiend by these Chavs!
Im around the same age of who would probably do that kind of thing, and trust me we arent all that bad! I spend my time working, gaining experience for life, while these wasters just ruien theirs and make it hell for the rest of us!

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