Saturday, 28 February 2009

Thanks Be To Blog

Don't you love Wikipedia? I've just looked up 'John The Baptist' and in its helpful bid to ensure that readers (or perhaps just Americans) don't get too confused by life the article on him is helpfully subtitled:

"For the hip-hop producer who goes by this name, see John the Baptist (producer)."

Which leads me neatly (if not contrivedly) to news that Kevin Scott, Vicar of St John's Church in Worcester Park (located here, for those of you who haven't yet stumbled across this hidden gem) has e-mailed the Worcester Park Blog to let me know that St Johns now has its very own blog at

Welcome to the blogosphere!

Friday, 27 February 2009

Credit Crunched

As anyone who has lost, tumble-dried or otherwise parted company with their flexible friend will attest, being without a bank card is one of the most inconveniencing episodes in modern life.

To lose ones card in a cashpoint machine once is unfortunate. To lose it twice in the same machine is downright annoying.

A very angry 'Fred The Shred' has e-mailed the Worcester Blog to find out if anyone else has shared his misfortune:

"On my way to get my hair cut at Kim's I used my NatWest cash card in the Barclays Bank cash machine, forgetting the trouble that occurred last time I tried this simple operation.

Much to my surprise and subsequent dread, my card was swallowed; the message telling me it had been "retained" on the advice of my bank.

This same thing happened to me before Christmas, and sure enough when I checked again this time, the same faulty premise of their "theft" of my cashcard was dashed. Natwest told me they had put out no such message and blamed the faulty cash machine.

Because I work, I can't get to the bank manager direct but the friendly Scouser in Barclays call centre said "I can assure you they would not have taken your card unless Natwest told them to" but I beg to differ.

This has happened to me twice, after all. I summoned up my haughtiest "Hyacinth Bucket" persona and demanded a letter of apology, an explanation of what had gone wrong and an assurance it would not happen again.

It may seem a bit strong but it's enough effort for me to sort my life out, without having to wait a week or a new card to arrive every time this happens. Lazy people have to stand up for themselves once in a while.

Also in the spirit of 'angry of Worcester Park' I threatened to parade outside the bank with a placard warning other innocent dupes of the rogue machine but I hope to be able to back down on this potentially humiliating protest."

Has anyone else fallen victim to a hungry cashpoint?

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Place Your Bets Now

'Coral' bookmakers (betwen Clarks and One Stop Party Shop) is opening its doors to the great KT4 public on Tuesday.

On Saturday 28th there will be a special guest appearance by 'Derek Thompson'. There are of course two Derek Thompsons, so pop along next Saturday to meet either...

Charlie from Casualty or......

...Derek Thompson from Channel 4 Racing.

I think the smart money's on the latter.

Meanwhile blog reader 'cbatte2' has posted a comment suggesting that a branch of Greggs (the bakers) is coming to Worcester Park soon. Any more info on that?

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Film Me In

What a creative lot we are in Worcester Park (and no I'm not referring to our graffiti anti-heroes featured in yesterday's post).

Last month I brought you news of awards success for local film maker James Webber.

Following in his footsteps is Akash Lockmun who, The Sutton Guardian reports, has won a nationwide competition organised by MTV. Full report, and a chance to see the winning film here.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Creative, My Arts

Worcester Park's finest have been in action again - this time redecorating the Worcester Park station.
As you can see it's not quite Banksy.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Cameo Disappearance

Worcester Park's retail changes continue apace, with Cameo Office Furniture now having closed down (their website has also been taken offline).

I reported a couple of weeks back on the apparent closure of 'Voltz' electrical store only to be told that they were undergoing a refit and would be reopening with an even bigger range.

That range, it would appear, includes a random selection of antiques (posh word for bric-a-brac) which have appeared on the shelves of the store. Any info on what is happening here?

Meanwhile, the old 'Loving Thoughts' unit (between Clarks and One Stop Party Shop) has been transformed into Coral bookmakers. The shopfitters were working late into the night on the finishing touches.

Well it's better than an empty shop unit.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Pint Of Youngs

Two Worcester Park outlets are sat well and truly on the licensing naughty-step after selling alcohol to underage customers in a test purchasing operation organised by Sutton Council.

The Drill public house on Cheam Common Road and Sainsbury's on Central Road both failed to check for proof of age.
Full marks though to the 'Off Licence' (next to CazBar) on Central Road who checked age and refused service, passing the test with flying colours.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Surrey Valentine

I'm undecided as to whether Valentine's Day being on a Saturday is a good thing or a bad thing. I suppose it does give the male of the species a bit more time for the traditional last-minute panic purchase.

On the other hand, it means a whole day of having to be romantic, which is going to be a struggle for some.

Whether you're staying in, going out, or ignoring the whole thing altogether do let me know what you have planned for Valentine's Day in Worcester Park....

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Through the Hall, Into the Lounge

The Sutton Guardian is today reporting that the ill-fated Huntsman's Hall pub is being converted into a trendy lounge bar.

Of course, readers of the Worcester Park Blog were informed of these plans way back in July last year.

Will it prosper in its new incarnation? Only time shall tell.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

That's When Good Neighbours..

Crisis averted - deliveries have been made to Waitrose. Well, almost.

In the best spirit of neighbourliness, staff from Iceland were on hand with shovels to help get the juggernaut the final few yards!

Veal Starve

Oh the resilience of the Great British public. Much has been said about how a nation that live through the Blitz has crumpled under the weight of a few inches of snow, but nowhere was the crisis deeper than Waitrose yesterday.

Lack of delievies saw the not-so-super market run out completely of veal escalope and other essentials (including bread).

The store ended up closing at 4.30pm (although the appropriately named Iceland stayed open for a whole hour further).

If we can't survive one day of this, I dread to think what havoc a real crisis would wreak!

Feeling Lucky?

Monday, 2 February 2009


In times of crisis you can always depend on Boris Johnson for some mots justes and he certainly delivered today declaring that today we had:

"The right type of snow, just the wrong type of quantity..."

South West trains are still at a halt, the heavy snow that has fallen today is set to freeze overnight bringing treacherous conditions to the roads and it looks likely that all school closures will continue in the Kingston, Merton and Sutton boroughs tomorrow.

For the benefit of those of you who turned off the alarm and opted for a duvet day, blog reader Simon has e-mailed some photos which show precisely why there were no train services from Worcester Park this morning:

Thaw By Four

You turn the key in the ignition, feeling smug and self-satisfied.

You've spent so long being ridiculed for having a poncey 4x4 in the middle of Worcester Park.

But today is your day - your one chance to prove why your mode of transport is superior, to own the streets, to crown yourself king of the road.

Unfortunately it turns out that you are a tosser, so you drive too fast and as you reach the bend at the top of Central Road you lose control and end up slewing your Chelsea tractor sideways across the road, narrowly missing two perfectly normal cars bring driven perfectly sensibly in the snow.

And to think you waited six long years for this.

Grit & Determination

With South West Train services from London Waterloo to Epsom via Worcester Park cancelled and no buses running anywhere in London, this was clearly not going to be a day for going to work.

In Worcester Park it was more Russia than rush-hour - instead of the predicted traffic gridlock, the roads were eerily empty with only a few (fool)-hardy souls venturing out on four wheels.

On an unusally-car free Central Road, though, most of the shops are shut as shop owners stay (or are stuck) home and in the supermarkets the lack of deliveries is already leaving shelves distinctly empty.

Worcester Park today belongs to the pedestrian - the absence of traffic has turned residential roads into wintry playgrounds, with sledges and snowball fights as far as the eye can see.

Most Worcester Parkers though appear to be making the best of it, so enjoy the snow, enjoy the peace and quiet and the free day off work.

Further heavy snow is forecast to hit us later this afternoon, so more enjoyable chaos looks to be on the way.
Meanwhile, for those of you not brave enough to venture out into the white stuff, you can enjoy scenes of Worcester Park in the snow right here.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Snow Joke

Perhaps it is the calm before tomorrow's predicted severe snow storm but Worcester Park received a fair dusting of the white stuff this evening.

Proving that a little snow really does bring out the child in us all, by 9pm a snowman had already sprung up outside Mike's Music and an impromptu snowball fight was taking place outside Rumours Wine Bar.

With further heavy snow forecast for tomorrow, expect plenty of traffic problems on local roads and South West Tain services and (kids are hoping) Kingston and Sutton's schools being closed.

You can check out how the trains are running here and general traffic news here.

Meanwhile, enjoy some pictures of Worcester Park in the snow...