Sunday, 11 January 2009

Worcester Source

I must say a quick hello to blog readers from the city of Worcester in the West Midlands.

My website statistics show that a fair few of you have found this blog in recent days after Googling 'When does KFC in Worcester open?'

I'm afraid I cannot enlighten you as to when the the Colonel will be arriving in Worcester, as my omniscience only extends to the KT4 area.

However, this is clearly an exciting time foryour city's development. Given your evident keenness for a bargain bucket, perhaps we can arrange a for a coach party to come to Worcester Park to see our KFC?

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nicci said...

I did stumble upon your blog when googling the opening of our KFC, and although I was disapointed that you held no answers I am pleased to have found your blog- it has been an enjoyable distraction from my work. I may one day venture to Worcester Park!

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