Thursday, 1 January 2009

Silk Finish

One only has to peer in at the empty tables at many restaurants to know just how bad things are becoming - a 'ghost town' was how one restaurant owner described Worcester Park to me a few weeks ago.

Sadly the economic downturn has claimed its first victim in Worcester Park - Silks restaurant has closed its doors. Regular blog readers will know that I have become a huge fan of Silks and its closure will leave the Worcester Park restaurant scene a lot poorer.

The only slight positive is that the family owners of the business are planning to re-open the venue under a different guise at some point in the future so at least we will be spared yet another empty unit or charity shop.

James, the proprietor of Silks is waving goodbye to Worcester Park to move on to new ventures. I'm sure you'll join me in wishing him well for the future.

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Caz said...

That's bad news.....good luck for the future to all concerned

Cheam Commoner said...

I had just resovled to try the eateries in WP more.. only last night i tried the chinese canteen.. very good too.. silks had been said as very good by a trusted friend and was on the list !.. I wish the new owner the very best and the past owner my regret at having not ventured in sooner. In these slow economic times it is vital that those of us that have said " I'll Try that " really do go out there and try it. All the best to you out there for 2009

Anonymous said...

While on the discussion of charity shops!
I lost count of them while i was walking down the high street to the bank!

Soon Central Road is going to become Charity Central!

Come on people we need to support our local businesses!!!!!!! Or every good business is going to leave!

WP Born & bred said...

That's a damn shame! It was a very good restaurant indeed. Food & service were excellent.

I pray to the lord that it doesn't take the Chinese Canteen (the best Chinese take-away within the M25...FACT!) with it!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sad too to see Silks go, but hope that it does re-emerge as something better. I think it just needs a re-vamp and this might be the time to do it. Silks and Chinese Canteen are owned by the same person, who I think will keep hold of the businesses. I went into the Chinese Canteen this evening and must say that the food and service was even better than before - sadly they wern't busy, but I don't know what's usual for a Sunday night.

Despite the downturn, KFC was as busy as usual - can we draw any conclusion from this?

Rupert said...

Things are getting seriously worse - La Mamma is not open every lunchtime and if that's not enough The Huntsmans Hall seemed to have closed, again!, for good I hope this time - maybe Aldi would like the plot.

coffee man said...

Aldi(or any other food store) will only take up the old M & S building if they could demolish the Huntsman in order to provide more parking.can't see them getting planning permission for that !!!!!!!! such a shame

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