Monday, 5 January 2009

Question Time

I have been hit by a blizzard of comments on the Worcester Park Blog, including several very angry ones from someone I have clearly annoyed, and others from someone who insists on calling me Roy.

One of the comments consisted of a list of questions - which I am more than happy to answer:

Why are you always so sarcastic in your comments? (It's really annoying!)

I do it to annoy you. I'm so glad it's working.

What do you do for a living..? Is this it? You have nothing better to do?

I do other things, but that is no interest of yours. Anway, why are you writing long comments with dubious word ordering. You have nothing better to do?

Is this your life? DO YOU HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE?

I have 239 Facebook friends, some of whom I have even met in real life.

Why do you care so much about other people's business? ( can't you just mind your own? )

Why do you care enough to comment on this blog? Do you mind if I answer a question with a question?

Do you think you're funny and interesting?

Thousands read this blog every week. Let them be the judge.

Do you really think Worcester Park needs someone like you?

Dunno. I haven't asked it. It could do with a decent fishmonger though, and fewer charity shops. Perhaps I should diversify.

How do you know so much about other people's business? Are you a spy?

Yes, but please don't tell anyone, or I would have to kill you. I also have a network of secret contacts in and around Worcester Park who give me my information. But please don't tell anyone, or I'd have to kill them too.

Are you allowed to take pictures of other people's businesses and post them on your blog without permission.

I like to live life on the edge. I drove at 32 mph in an urban area the other day. Not Central Road, of course. That would never happen.

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Anonymous said...

>>Are you allowed to take pictures of other people's businesses and post them on your blog without permission.

I'm guessing it's a Daily Mail reader, or someone from the Home Office.

Anonymous said...

Well i love you. Keep up the good work!

Bear said...

I, for one, really enjoy your blog. As I've mentioned before it is both funny and informative. What are the people who don't enjoy it reading it anyway, and then taking their precious time commenting? And I totally agree with the lack of the wet fish shop in WP, there used to be one years ago.

Kevin Scott said...

Good for you!

Anonymous said...

I love the blog. I read it every week and feel it links those of us who live in WP together with humour and interest.
I am not sure what motivates these people to criticise - mainly a lack of sense of humour I would suggest.

pidge said...

hey. you are so funny. this has made me laugh so much, stick it to all those killjoys. keep up the good work

Samsungite said...

Always a good read & I'm from enemy territory!

Anonymous said...

I think you are okay.....ish, perhaps the only thinkg missing from your website is more coverage of the Kingston part of WP the high street side of the high street. Otherwise keep up the good work

Matt said...

Ignore this person and keep blogging as you are - you're a credit to the neighbourhood.

Regarding taking photos on the high street of people's business or businesses, it's entirely legal and clearly defined as such. Don't be in public if you require privacy!

The Parkerilla said...

Just make sure you dont take a picture of WP train station or the anti-terrorist spooks will be down on you ike a ton of bricks.

Anonymous said...

I'm back!

I do admire your courage to post my comments onto the blog! I wanted to be polite the 1st time but since you screen your comments and post what ever you see fit for your self i decided to be harsh.

Now that i have your attention!

I'm not a nasty person but just wanted to make you realise how it feels when you comment on other people, their business and ridicule them.

I have no peoblem with this blog - seriously!
As long as it does not invade other people's privacy and livelihood.

I just want and hope you can understand that worcester Park isn't going to get any better but just sitting there and commenting - real work needs to be done.
At a time like this people in the area and businesses need all the help we can give them...we all need to feed ourselves and pay our taxes.
When every business closes what do you think it means for those poor people?
(Literaly poor)!

I just want to give this message to all the people in Worcester Park who read this blod weekly - lets help Worcester Park!
Worcester Park could be beautiful!

I would like to apologise for my previous comments but you did annoy me.

Thanks for your attention and please post this comment for all as you do.

ps> what is your name?

Worcester Park said...

Hi Anonymous -thanks for your comment. I'm afraid improving Worcester Park is beyond even my powers. However, I have heard from several local businesses that coverage in the blog has brought new customers through the door and generated new interest. And, of course, both myself and The Brinkster lent our support to publicising the Traders' Association Christmas Late Night last December.

The blog is also full of calls for people to shop local and support their local business, shops and restuarants before they disappear.

The blog is not, however, a tourist campaign for Worcester Park, but what it does have (I hope) is a mixture of good stories, bad stories, local history, local politics and so on - in other words I hope it reflects all aspects of Worcester Park good and bad.


Anonymous said...

Hey WP
Thanks for your reply, appriciated!

A fair argument but you must admit that you definitely have your favorites!
My entire point is that I hope your comments can become more balanced in good and bad in some cases.

As you saw in my previous message I tested you with stupid comments to ridicule your blog, which you work very hard on indeed! But i'm sure you didn't appriciate it at now you must know how others feel when they read some bad comments about themselves in your blog.

Why I care you ask?
only because I see my favorite shop on the street get ridiculed the entire time non stop.

Any ways - no hard feeling mate! seriously!
I do like your blog and sense of humor!
Just wanted to get something off my chest!

cu around!

Worcester Park said...

Anonymous - I give every blog reader the right of reply. Post a comment redressing the balance about your favourite shop in Worcester Park and it will be published for all to see!

Ian Morris said...

If anonymous decides to mention what his favourite shop can we still ridicule it just to annoy him/her?

Anonymous said...

Hey WP, it's anonymous!

I'll rather not tell you the balance, you might go and kill them 007!

I've said my piece and made my point. If you understand what I'm trying to convey then you must know that I mean for the best.

Well best of luck for 2009 to you all! :)

Worcester Park said...

I can only presume that Anonymous loves KFC.

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