Thursday, 29 January 2009

Nothing Happened

I have received unconfirmed reports today that nothing has happened in Worcester Park. Blog sources alerted by a massive silence describe the scene as 'absolutely non-existent'.

Details are somewhat unclear, but it is believed that nothing has happened for the past two weeks. If nothing continues to happen I shall, of course, keep you informed.

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cranky old 30 something said...

After the deluge of snow I have to agree that nothing seems to have happened. Having just moved to Worcester Park I'm still getting a handle on suburbia.

No gritting trucks, no-one sorting out the pavements (apart from war veteran neighbours with shovels doing a mighty fine job of their portion of the street.)

Why is Sutton council not sorting out the roads/pavements? Are they all snowed in?

And why did a neighbour move their mini to directly in front of my drive? Death wish? Glutten for punishment? Was I getting in and out of my drive too easily and breaking some by-law?

I could complain more but have just realised I've turned into that cranky, old man that I used to point and laugh at as a child.

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