Monday, 26 January 2009

It's The Stupid Economy

From the 'no sh*t Shirlock' economic foundation came confirmation last week that we officially in recession.

A quick stroll along Central Road will tell you more in 10 minutes than Robert Peston could depress you with over the course of a whole hour. The estate agents were the first casualties, but few shed tears for them as they left behind empty shop units galore.

Then Silks shut its doors at the start of this year, beaten by the economic downturn which is driving us away from restaurants and back into our own kitchens.

There will, I am sure, be more casualties to come. Of course boom and bust are all cyclical and I know that before too long we will be lauding the green shoots of economic recovery. Yet many of the Worcester Park businesses under threat of extinction are 'one-off's' remain open more by virtue of inertia than their good business models.

All of which means that the type of businesses that may disappear over the course of 2009 will likely never return to Worcester Park.

The only certainty in this whole sorry situation is that Central Road will be a very different place by the end of this year.

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Ian said...

The Garlic and Ginger site has been home to at least 3 take aways that haven't survived. It's just not a great location for a takeaway.

Ian Morris said...

The guy that owns Voltz comes into our shop quite often and tells us he is having a re-fit and should be re-opening fairly soon with a larger selection of light fittings.

The Worcester Park Phantom said...

I am sure many more of these shops will disappear, and it is sad watching the face of the high street change. With regards to some of the places that you mentioned - the estate agents were an obvious casualty, Silks was unfortunate because the owner seemed to really want to make a go of it and it had a lot to offer; I'm just not sure that any restaurant, no matter how good or bad, can really succeed on the high street unless it's fast-food or takeaway.

Funny I wondered past Cameo furniture last week before it was officially closing down; it was shut (at about 3pm) but the chairs did seem awfully expensive...As for Voltz, the decor was just far too flashy for an electrical supplies shop.

Much like the cockroaches after a nuclear war, I fear only the charity shops and tanning/beauty salons will survive in the bleak future.

Bertie said...

You've missed out the most dramatic victim of the economic downturn - The Huntsman appears to have closed - Again! Hopefully for good - lets hope Aldi put a store on the plot.

Worcester Park said...

Bertie - I did report the on/off closure of The Hunstmans here.

Anonymous said...

Yes you are quite right that Dawson Aerials is now open only a couple of days a week. This isn't due to the economic downturn just to a change in the staffing situation. Dawson Aerials is thriving and are happy to assist all customers in the area with any help they may need with their TV aerials etc.... If our shop isn't open then potential customers can always give us a call!

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