Thursday, 15 January 2009

Breeding Matter

It is with considerable parental joy that I bring you news you of the birth this week of not one but two bouncing baby blogs.

First born is The Worcester Park Phantom who lives off Manor Drive in the Royal bit of Worcester Park - although as far as I'm concerned if you shop at Waitrose, are confused by Ryan Gate and worship at the revolving kebab grill of Nefis then you are a Worcester Parker through and through.

Second born is Teenage Worcester Park (they grow up so quickly these days don't they) who is promising to give us an insight into Worcester Park from a young person's perspective.

Teenage Worcester Park explained to me the motivation behind starting the blog:

"I just wanted it to been known that not all the teenagers living in Worcester Park are drug crazed Hoodies. I started the blog because after my house was burgled I grew very angry."

I'm sure you will join me in welcoming them to the blogosphere. I just hope I don't get chased for maintenance payments...

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coffee man said...

I hope this doen't mean that we in Old Malden are now classified as 'wrong side of the railway track'even though we shop in Waitrose,are totally confused by Ryangate (and i haven't been in the Huntsman for 33 years)
But there could be a good many of us who would like to transfer out of Kingston in order to get away from paying over £14 million and climbing,for the Rose theatre when other services are being cut or reduced and the ludicrous recyling scheme now in place.
life is always greener on the other side.
any offers ??

Benjy P said...

I don't believe that the teenage blogster is a real teenager in the true sense but a fringe one that is probably deservedly bullied at school. Go back to reading the Youth Daily Mail (if it exists).

Andrew said...

Benjy're a dick.

Benjy P said...

Yes I am, but so are you for bothering to even respond.

Anonymous said...

benji p. if they are not a real teenager why would they be at school anyway.

Benjy P said...

Isn't this blog supposed to be about lighthearted banter about WP and a bit of mild jibing for the various locals in all their forms to be handed out and received. Apologies to all those that are dead in the soul, to appease you I will only make banal comments in the future. Yes "I am a knob" to save anyone else having to post.

Andrew said...

Just didnt thnk your 'mild jibbing' was fair or constructive to someone just starting out in a new venture, s'all!

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