Monday, 12 January 2009

Box Away

Just six months ago, yellow boxes appeared overnight at the junctions of Longfellow Road/Stone Place and Central Road.

The yellow boxes met with little approval from blog readers at the time:

"This has to be the most ridiculous road painting LBS has ever come up with. The half size box junction opposite Iceland is about as much use as a choc fireguard." wrote one blog reader.

Now, in a spectacular lesson in money-wasting, the yellow boxes have been scrubbed from the road under cover of darkness.

Blog reader 'Coffee Man', who alerted me to their sudden disappearance, is one motorist who is going to miss them:

"How on earth are we to get in or out of the car park now? Apart from a bit of colour on the road to brighten up a dismal road they did serve a useful purpose."

The box junction at the end of Washington Road remains, but how much did this little exercise cost us all?