Monday, 12 January 2009

Box Away

Just six months ago, yellow boxes appeared overnight at the junctions of Longfellow Road/Stone Place and Central Road.

The yellow boxes met with little approval from blog readers at the time:

"This has to be the most ridiculous road painting LBS has ever come up with. The half size box junction opposite Iceland is about as much use as a choc fireguard." wrote one blog reader.

Now, in a spectacular lesson in money-wasting, the yellow boxes have been scrubbed from the road under cover of darkness.

Blog reader 'Coffee Man', who alerted me to their sudden disappearance, is one motorist who is going to miss them:

"How on earth are we to get in or out of the car park now? Apart from a bit of colour on the road to brighten up a dismal road they did serve a useful purpose."

The box junction at the end of Washington Road remains, but how much did this little exercise cost us all?

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Amylena said...

Oh for crying out loud! That explains the queue at the end of Longfellow Road yesterday morning. It wouldn't be so bad if there were more than one road out of WP!

Andrew said...

I have to say that they were a good idea, but if you ever tried to get out of any of the roads during peak times, (which is pretty much all day long nowadays), youll realise that most people dont pay a blind bit of notice to them anyway!!! I cant tell you how many times some absolutely ignorant idiot pulls up in the box to stop anyone, god forbid, pulling out and getting in front of them in the queue! No one cares about anyone else, so long as they get to where they're going that 5 seconds sooner!! I just tend to pull out anyway and shame the person sitting in the box by blocking the entire other side of the road up. you cant get out any other way!!!

Even buses ignore them, they seem to think that if the cab is out of the other side of the box, then magically, the other 28ft of bus is also outside of it!

To be any use at all they needed to be enforced properly. The traffic warden should keep check on them every so often and issue tickets, or cameras installed to take the registration of any cars blatantly, selfishly sitting in one! But alas its all academic now, we'll all go back to spending half an hour of our life, every day, just waiting to pull out of longfellow road!!

Wonder if the scrubbing away of the markings is in precedence to traffic lights being installed at every junction? And how LBS seems to love a good old set of traffic lights! Maybe its the flashing, pwetty colours?

Ian Morris said...

Would it not just make more sence to move the lights outside W H Smiths to the longfellow road/waitrose entrance and exit. I would also say make the entrance/exit to waitrose there an entrance only as I've noticed (because Ive done it myself) that if you want to avoid much of the high street traffic all you have to do is drive down balmoral road, take a right down hampton road, right into windsor and then down through the waitrose carpark and out by iceland. When driving down the high street normally Ive noticed that the traffic seems to crawl along until it passes the entrance/exit by iceland and it seems that cars coming out of the waitrose carpark (presumably taking a short cut) are just adding to quite a lot to the never ending W.Park traffic jam.

Worcester Park said...

Good point, Ian. I've often suspected that a lot of people are using car park as a cut-through onto Central Road. It would be far better if it was entry-only from Central Road, with Windsor Road as the car park exit. I'm not sure the residents of Windsor Road would agree though!

Amylena said...

Either that or surely they could just have the car park closed until say 8.30 when Waitrose opens? Or at least have that exit closed until 8.30... Perhaps that would be a better idea? Or a Worcester Park bypass!!

coffee man said...

i don't think it's anything to do with Sutton, it's Transport for London . A scheme by traffic engineers who don't or can't drive to get the buses moving ?.

The Brinkster said...

They were removing the yellow boxes from the end of Washington Road this morning. I wonder how much that little exercise cost?

Anonymous said...

I thought the yellow boxes were great. I could get out of my road easily, and on a whole I think the majority of the residents could.

What do tfl have to say?

Anonymous said...

What we need is a no-stopping zone outside the Post Office just up from Green Lane. There are always some selfish idiots who stop there, blocking the road and make traffic have to merge abruptly. If ever there was a need for a short Red Route it is there. The Post Office van also stops to collect there as well and blocks the road. Why not collect post from the back of the shop to prevent obstructing the road? There is a rear alley there that could be used. (Or better still move the PO back to its old Green Lane building).

Are you taking note of this problem Sutton Council?

Jobsworth - Sutton council said...

No! We at sutton council have much more important work like painting in yellow box junctions and then removing them a few months latter.

Anonymous said...

I agree that something needs to be done about the Waitrose car park. Perhaps moving the traffic lights or making it one-way and no exit at the Iceland end. Drivers are using it as a cut-through because Central Road is slow, but they make it even slower by cutting through the car park because traffic on the main road has to let them out or in.

Better still just close it completely and encourage people to walk to the shops, and build a town centre parkland area there.

Most shoppers probably live within a mile or two of the shops which is easily walkable.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the Waitrose car park is that none of the drivers doing their half-mile round trips and causing the gridlock actually see themselves as causing the problem. They see the problem as being the ones sitting in front - and in their way – as well as the ones sitting idly behind them.

When it comes to stopping outside the post office, the same reasoning applies: they have a reason for parking there - and anyway, it's just for a moment. Of course, the ones who just pull up to visit the post office and are too lazy to park up, they're the ones who cause the problem.

As an aside, am I right in concluding that the 'baby on board' signs in the back windows translate as 'I don't give a monkey's about the highway code, I'm far more important!'?

Anonymous said...

If you did a survey of drivers parking at the Waitrose car park most probably live within a mile or less, this is the crux of the problem because people are driving when they could easily walk to the shops.
I live at the North Cheam end of WP and I'm amazed how people cannot even walk down to WP from there, a distance of about half a mile. They still drive down to WP and clog up Central Road and the car park. Moreover, it is probably quicker to walk than sit in the traffic queue and then you have to pay for the car park and petrol. Ok if you're disabled but most of the drivers I see parking up their jeeps and people carriers at the Waitrose car park appear to be able to walk.

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