Tuesday, 30 December 2008

A Year In Worcester Park

So there we have it. 2008 is almost at an end and what a year it has been - those bits that I can remember anyway.

Thanks you all for your support, comments, e-mails and occasional tirades of abuse during the past year. I wish you all the very best for 2009!

A lot has hapened in Worcester Park in 2008 - fortunately you can browse through the blog archive for all the gory details. But for those of you with a short attention span, 2008 went something like this....

We learned that the Golden Chef is a lovely place really. Worcester Park was bombed in 1944 and Central Road rats can be suicidal. We found out that Sutton Council wants to intensify, moving to Worcester Park is a good thing to do, the 'landslide' was actually a mutant sheep and old people fall over in Waitrose quite a lot.

I predicted the sewing machine shop would not last, Worcester Park was split in two by the LEZ as Nefis dished out free drinks to blog readers (meanwhile Betty Boop wanted to turn herself into a Persian restaurant)

I wondered why anyone would go to Cafe Experience for Mother's Day. Waitrose in smashed-window scandal. Sutton Council health and safetifies graves. TV repair shop in smashed-window scandal. Huntsman home to fighting (again) and Papa John moves to KT4.

Chavs at the station, bikes on the line. Snow fell in April and I waited ages for strange-sounding Sri Lankan food. The Drill claimed allegiance to Cheam but the people of Worcester Park prevailed. Praise be - blue bins for recycling glass!

Votes are in! I upset Browning Avenue, Knightwood Estates upset loads of people, and Worcester Park finds its voice.

We finally got to use our blue bins. Everbody hated estate agents, and another blood charity shop opened. The flowe man died, sex didn't quite come to KT4, but a fun day did come to The Hamptons. Worcester Parkers kicked up a stink about composting and the Worcester Park Blog hit the headlines over The Hamptons curfew.

I had a haircut and went to KFC by mistake. Worcester Park was on the box, and yellow boxes appeared on Central Road. Trees disappeared. Bad viagra pun opportunity arose.

I spoke to the Daily Mail and regretted it. Chavs on the line! Lots of spotting of vintage bus spotters. We all said something nice about Worcester Park. Well, some of us.

Betty Boop to close (again). More shops close down.

A fox feeding furore erupts, Hamptons planning permission is refused again and the blog celebrates its first birthday (kind of). KFC closes for a refit. Quelle domage!

Betty Boop closes (again). Betty Boop reopens (again). I meet The Brinkster and dress as Santa and everyone enjoys the Christmas Late Night. KFC reopens.

We worship Chris, Woolies bites the dust as do some blogs. Then there was Christmas.

Happy New Year everyone!