Saturday, 27 December 2008

Takeaway the Pain

Whilst most of us were stuffing turkeys, stuffing ourselves with the aforementioned turkey and generally suffering the company of unwanted relatives on Christmas Day, a select few sought sanctuary on the Internet.

A quick check on Google Analytic's statistics for the Worcester Park Blog provides an interesting window on the nation's festive online activity.

Evidently some were suffering the effects of the big day - especially those who found the blog whilst searching for 'nearest open pharmacy Worcester Park' or asking 'which chemist shop is open in Surbiton on Christmas Day'?

For others, turkey and sprouts were clearly not on the menu - including the visitor searching for 'restaurants open Xmas Day in Worcester Park' and more worringly 'KFC opening times Worcester Park'.

One blog visitor was clearly not feeling peace and goodwill to all men, searching for 'Sutton Council idiots'.

However the prize for the most unusual search of Christmas Day goes to one blog visitor for whom the thought of how to pay off the credit card bills was clearly too much. They searched for 'massage parlour work - immediate start'.