Thursday, 4 December 2008

Reading The Riot Act

Local libraries. They are normally such peaceful places - but not for Angry Adam who has e-mailed the Worcester Park Blog with his tale of anarchy in the aisles:

"Earlier I was in the library at Worcester Park, I was busy updating my CV as well as sending a few emails to some of my good friends.

Next thing I noticed a nasty stench next to me. It wasn't body odour but the smell of greasy fried chicken and chips from KFC!

A man in his thirties decided to open up his greasy stain-filled bag and proceeded to open his big gob to munch on his foul smelling chicken.

Then he added salt and ketchup to his chips and then the idiot spilt his large cola all over my CV.

He promptly got up and left, leaving all his KFC all over the place. I followed him and confronted him telling him that he had ruined my CV and he told me in no uncertain terms to 'f off' and that the computers are only used for games and chatting and that there were no signs stating that he could not eat his fast food in the library.

He was a foulmouthed, arrogant and a very violent individual. The ladies at the library said these things happen all the time and not to take it personally. Fat chance.

Welcome back KFC - it looks like that Worcester Park is in for a rough ride once again!"

There goes the neighbourhood.