Monday, 29 December 2008

New Malden Fatality?

I've just checked the blog stats - lots of people have found the blog today after searching for 'New Malden station fatality'.

Info, anyone?

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Anonymous said...

The station had been closed a short time because of a fatality when I got there at 1.00 today. The helpful man told me to get the bus to Worcester Park to catch a train to Waterloo, which I did, and I wasn't even late for my meeting. It was apparently cleared by about 3.30 with residual delays.

The Parkerilla said...

Waterloo was chaos yesterday (early) afternoon, got there about 1.30 and no trains, waited until 3pm when 1 or 2 were going but still none to WP so got tube to Morden and eventually got home at 4.30. Frustrating because instead of the indicator boards saying Cancelled right across so we would know where we stood and go home by alternative menas they kept putting the trains on the board as if they were about to arrive/leave but then they didn't.

Gordo's Neighbour said...

Did 'normal' hours yesterday (9am to 6pm) and didn't notice any train cancellations. The new gates at Waterloo tough, what a mare. Be warned, all ye who're returning to work on January 6 and have to go through Waterloo.

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