Monday, 29 December 2008

Five Things

1. Sutton Council are hopeless when it comes to telling us when our bins are being emptied over Christmas/New Year. Other roads had stickers stuck to their bins giving details of collection days, but we didn't get any. Sutton Council's website has the info, but the refuse operatives still turn up at random days and refuse [get it?] to touch the bin if it's over 6 inches from the kerbside.

2. Mr Ink on Central Road sends the store's contact details by Bluetooth to my mobile every time I walk past. Which is getting a tad irritating now. I would cross the road, but it means walking past The Hunstman. I'd rather Bluetooth than no-teeth.

3. The roads are so clear now that I got to work half an hour quicker this morning. Which is great, until you realise it makes your working day half an hour longer.

4. Ryan Gate was about the only place open on Christmas Day for those who had run out of bread. It's just a shame they don't sell bread.

5. Tomorrow is the final day at Woolworths in North Cheam. If it's anything like the Woolies in New Malden on its final day, expect a queue of grave-robbers snaking right around the store and a scrum to grab the the very last of the pic'n'mix.