Monday, 24 November 2008

Wood you help me?

This blog is not just read by the good folk of KT4 - it is enjoyed by readers in far flung places, such as New Malden and Canada.

Cynthia has e-mailed from Canada in the hope that blog readers can help her with her genealogical research:

"I accidentally came across your blog and thought perhaps you folks could assist me in my search for family members of a dear friend of mine.

A family by the name of Wood resided at 59 Longfellow Road, Worcester Park many years ago.

They were James Albert (Bert) Wood and Lilian Mary Wood (nee Carey) and their children:

Ivy Winifred Wood, born May 9 1916
Arthur John Wood, born April 24 1914
Stanley Albert Wood, born November 12 1912

The family lived on Longfellow Road between 1912 - 1923 (and perhaps longer).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I would love to give my friend a special Christmas gift of family history/genealogy)."

If you can help Cynthia e-mail the blog, and we'll pass your e-mail on