Friday, 21 November 2008

Joint Operation

What is it with KT4 and drugs? The Sutton Guardian today reports that properties in Worcester Park were amongst several in the local area raided yesterday in a bid to break up a multi-million pound cannabis operation.

If anyone knows whereabouts the raided house(s) in WP are then do let me know.

This follows raids in Inverness Road earlier in the year so it's good to know that the boys in blue are doing their bit to get to grips with the scourge of drugs in the area.

Mind you, they have some way to go to live down the embarassment of 2005, as reported in the national media...

"Warmest congratulations, finally, to police in Sutton's Worcester Park area, who after a four-month surveillance operation have at last amassed sufficient evidence to shut down a notorious local crack house. The property is located directly above Worcester Park police station, but splendid work for all that."