Saturday, 29 November 2008

In A Right Piccolo

They called it Cafe Piccolo, but actually it was a restaurant. With a deli attached. So it wasn't a cafe at all. But then they had the genius idea of turning Cafe Piccolo's deli area into a cafe. With me so far?

There is certainly no shortage of cafes in Worcester Park - Cuppaholic, Ryan Gate, Checkers, Costa, Berties, Mumas'n'Cuppas and now Cafe Piccolo are in on the act, so the competition is certainly tough.

In the interests of research, I stepped in from the cold and rain of Central Road to find the new cafe clean, bright and well fitted out - perhaps a little too contrived for those who like their cafes to have a touch of character, but inviting nonetheless.

Then it all started to go slightly awry. I started placing the order but then was told to wait a moment and when I did finally proceed, the staff appeared somewhat taxed by the demands of a taking an order for a drink and a pastry.

I took a seat. The waitress came over and apologised if things were going wrong because sometimes it happens when they are very busy (two other people in the cafe).

She asked if I wanted sugar with my coffee. I asked for two sugars, which she heard as 'No sugar'. I corrected her. 'Two sugars'.

Moments later, my coffee arrived. 'Coffee, no sugars'. 'Two sugars?' I asked 'Yes, two sugars' she declared.

The two elderly ladies on the table next to me (by elderly I mean late seventies, perhaps early eighties) got up from their table to be handed their plates of cake over the counter. I, though, was served mine at my table - along with an apology from the waitress. Not sure what she was apologising for this time as I hadn't actually told her that the pastry she gave me wasn't the one that I had ordered.

The manager arrived from the restaurant and quietly bertated the unhappy looking waitress, leaving her looking even unhappier.

I ate my pastry and drank my no sugar/two sugars coffee and went to leave. The waitress thanked me, and apologised again.
It has potential.