Saturday, 29 November 2008

In A Right Piccolo

They called it Cafe Piccolo, but actually it was a restaurant. With a deli attached. So it wasn't a cafe at all. But then they had the genius idea of turning Cafe Piccolo's deli area into a cafe. With me so far?

There is certainly no shortage of cafes in Worcester Park - Cuppaholic, Ryan Gate, Checkers, Costa, Berties, Mumas'n'Cuppas and now Cafe Piccolo are in on the act, so the competition is certainly tough.

In the interests of research, I stepped in from the cold and rain of Central Road to find the new cafe clean, bright and well fitted out - perhaps a little too contrived for those who like their cafes to have a touch of character, but inviting nonetheless.

Then it all started to go slightly awry. I started placing the order but then was told to wait a moment and when I did finally proceed, the staff appeared somewhat taxed by the demands of a taking an order for a drink and a pastry.

I took a seat. The waitress came over and apologised if things were going wrong because sometimes it happens when they are very busy (two other people in the cafe).

She asked if I wanted sugar with my coffee. I asked for two sugars, which she heard as 'No sugar'. I corrected her. 'Two sugars'.

Moments later, my coffee arrived. 'Coffee, no sugars'. 'Two sugars?' I asked 'Yes, two sugars' she declared.

The two elderly ladies on the table next to me (by elderly I mean late seventies, perhaps early eighties) got up from their table to be handed their plates of cake over the counter. I, though, was served mine at my table - along with an apology from the waitress. Not sure what she was apologising for this time as I hadn't actually told her that the pastry she gave me wasn't the one that I had ordered.

The manager arrived from the restaurant and quietly bertated the unhappy looking waitress, leaving her looking even unhappier.

I ate my pastry and drank my no sugar/two sugars coffee and went to leave. The waitress thanked me, and apologised again.
It has potential.

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NS said...

Ah, give the girl a break. She was just being British! ;)

You know whose staff I find rather useless? Papa Johns. Every time I ask one of them a very basic question about the ingredients or what comes with a particular deal, I am greeted with a blank stare and mumblings about being new or simply not knowing. Do they not train any of them to be able to, I don't know, assist the customers? Blah.

Anonymous said...

I ate in the restaurant once. The food was average at best and the waiter had the worst BO I have ever smelt. I have never gone back

Longella said...

posted this question on the guestbook by mistake, so here goes again: can anyone recommend an MSG free Chinese restaurant?? I love the Chef and Silks - both have tried to help me out with MSG free stuff but it means missing out out on all the dishes I like....MSG means I end up with headaches and a streaming nose the next day if I eat it :-(

Ian Morris said...

I've liked the food there when we've gone but we always seem to get the waiter who doesn't seem to speak any english and then innevitably gets the order wrong. The most recent example of this was when my other half ordered a starter, main and a side of chips. I just ordered a main. Her starter came out and I was given the side of chips as my starter. I know its not the biggest problem, and in all fairness those chips were pretty nice (even if it did mean I had to look like one of those odd people from the bbc3 programe freaky eaters), but is it too much to ask to get a waiter who can take down simple instructions and bring out the food in the right order.

Orla said...

Hi my fiancee and myself have just bought a house in Worcester Park and so will be moving to the are in the coming months. During our days house hunting we have popped into the cafe on a couple of occasions for a pastry or a sandwich and a coffee. I have to say that on every occasion the staff have been really helpful and pleasant and the food/coffee was more than up to standard. Far better in my opinion than alot of the food served in the chain coffee shops Starbucks, Costas etc.

Phil said...

We decided to take my daughter and her boyfriend to lunch and decided to go to cafe piccolo. What a mistake that was.we ordered 4 different starters and 4 main courses, i can honestly say i have never eaten worse italian food, all 4 of us left the majority of the food on the plate. I will never venture back to this "restaurant". I would not recommend it to anyone

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