Monday, 3 November 2008

For Fawke's Sake

So Guy Fawke's night is upon us and 'tis the season to celebrate ye olde war on terror by publicly burning the effigy of a Roman Catholic.

Or for those more divorced from the history of the event, it's Bonfire Night. Hoorah!

Fireworks in Worcester Park come courtesy of Green Lane School on Friday (7th November)gates open at 5pm, with time to enjoy the BBQ before the display begins at 6pm.

Tickets are £6 for adults, £3 for children 3-16 (under 3s free) and £15 for a family of 4.

Further afield there is the Kingston Community Fireworks Display & Funfair this Friday evening from 8pm at the Kingsmeadow Stadium the Epsom Fireworks Display & Funfair this Saturday (8th November) at 7:30pm

Alternatively, if you have recommendations for a good local fireworks display, let the rest of Worcester Park know using the 'comments' link below!

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pyr o'maniac said...

I would love to see a large bonfire display in the Hamptons.

Anonymous said...

Green Lane Primary School are having a firework display on Friday 7th November at 5pm

The Parkerilla said...

I understand there wont be a bonfire in the Hamptons but some ,locals will be reviving the tradition of rolling barrels of burning pitch down from the top of Mayflower Hill. Should be fun, unless your house is in the line of "fire".

Blogged off said...

What a sad little obsessive Parkerilla is. Get out more mate.

The Brinkster said...

Actually the burning pitch might be a way of clearing the traffic on Central Road

Ignore the naysayer. He doesn't know you like we do ;)

Blogged off:
If you've seen the pictures on his blog you'll see he gets out more than the average...... Now play nice.

The Parkerilla said...

Thanks for that Brinkster.

The thing I was referring to in my comment was WPBs reference to burning a Catholic and that in parts of Britain (I think the Sussex Downs is one of them) they burn not just a Guy like the people of WP do but actually an effigy of the Pope and at least us Worcester Parkers dont fall into that bracket,this being accompanied by the sport of rolling burning barrels down steep hills (which sounds like a lot of fun actually). Mayflower Hill is the only suitable slope I can think of in WP apart from the steep one from St John's Church down to the bank of the Hogsmill River. Bloggedoff has taken exception to my posts before if I mention the Hamptons in any context at all so it was to be expected.

st phillip alleyer said...

well i agree with parkerilla and well done with the history relating to the unfortunate but steadfast guy falks but why waste time calling it the hamptons and this is no disrespect but if your from this way it was always the sewarge farm:coincidently where the biggest and best tomatoes grew: or over the back by the old dump wall it would be pig farm alley

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