Tuesday, 21 October 2008

KFC You Later

A culinary crisis has hit Worcester Park, with KFC closed for many weeks for a major refit that will see it transformed from a tired purveyor of unhealthy greasy battery chicken bits into a swanky new purveyor of unhealthy greasy battery chicken bits.

Can't wait.

In the meantime, what effect will the absence of the venerably Colonel have on the KT4 scene? Will Papa John's pizza be the new hang-out of choice? Or will the residents of Worcester Park fall under the spell of fish-lipped national saviour Jamie Oliver and eschew the bargain bucket forever in favour of home cooked coq au vin?

Only time will tell.

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sally ubrious said...

What is that big green box thing that has appeared on the pavement outside the british legion? Cant believe that hasnt been talk of the WP blog as yet. A secret chav monitoring station perhaps?

The Brinkster said...

For the big green box you might want to look here:
and here:

Samsungite said...

You are more than welcome to cross the 'Great Divide' (A3) & eat unhealthy greasy chicken in New Malden. Maybe try some Korean BBQ while you are at it....

lug ubrious said...

I blame the Hamptons residents for the temporary closure of KFC. They love the food but hate the decor. You know it's true!

Gordo's neighbour said...

I don't know - I'm normally too p*sshed to notice the decor, same with me neighbours. Usually, the ugliest thing in there is the face of my neighbour when he's told, "No, he can't have any sushi."

coffee man said...

i thought the green box outside the Legion was the 'tardis' awaiting a paint job.

I jumped with joy when i saw the work going on in KFC. I actually thought it had closed down as a purveyor of 'crap' food, and a charity shop had taken it over or even another coffee shop,great
but to now learn it's being renovated and the grease scrapped off the paint ,well there is no justice !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I too rejoyced when I though it was going to be turned into another empty shop. This will explain why the local Chavs are looking thinner - and I first thought it was the credit crunch!

Esther said...

The rejoycers are obviously Hamton trespassers, (american, SA,or some other weirdo type strain)
us chav, browning, and lesser mortals,


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