Saturday, 18 October 2008

Hamptons Planning Permission Refused - Again!

In a further blow to progress of 'The Hamptons' development, Sutton Council have again refused planning permission for further expansion of the controversial New England-style development.

The planning application (a revised version of the application that was refused at a planning meeting in December 2007) was turned down as it failed to demonstrate that futher development of The Hamptons would not have an unduly adverse effect on the already choked roads of Worcester Park.

Having removed the controversial 'wind turbine' aspect of last year's proposal the developers, St James' Homes, again tripped up on their own green credentials, failing to convince Sutton Council that they had given due consideration to mitigating the environmental impact.

In a further embarrassment to the developers, Sutton Council called into question the very calculations behind their plans for CO2 saving 'ground source heat pumps'.

So, planning permission for The Hamptons has again been refused.

Is this the end of the story? Quite probably not.

If you recall, St James' homes said they would withdraw their call for a public enquiry if this planning application went through. The application has been refused, so it looks like even more interesting times ahead with a Public Enquiry due.

The drive to expand The Hamptons was, of course, born in slightly rosier economic times. Quite how the the gathering clouds of recession and the tumbling property prices will affect their expansionist plans remain to be seen.

Ding ding, round 3!