Saturday, 18 October 2008

Hamptons Planning Permission Refused - Again!

In a further blow to progress of 'The Hamptons' development, Sutton Council have again refused planning permission for further expansion of the controversial New England-style development.

The planning application (a revised version of the application that was refused at a planning meeting in December 2007) was turned down as it failed to demonstrate that futher development of The Hamptons would not have an unduly adverse effect on the already choked roads of Worcester Park.

Having removed the controversial 'wind turbine' aspect of last year's proposal the developers, St James' Homes, again tripped up on their own green credentials, failing to convince Sutton Council that they had given due consideration to mitigating the environmental impact.

In a further embarrassment to the developers, Sutton Council called into question the very calculations behind their plans for CO2 saving 'ground source heat pumps'.

So, planning permission for The Hamptons has again been refused.

Is this the end of the story? Quite probably not.

If you recall, St James' homes said they would withdraw their call for a public enquiry if this planning application went through. The application has been refused, so it looks like even more interesting times ahead with a Public Enquiry due.

The drive to expand The Hamptons was, of course, born in slightly rosier economic times. Quite how the the gathering clouds of recession and the tumbling property prices will affect their expansionist plans remain to be seen.

Ding ding, round 3!

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Chimurenga-Charlie said...

The council listens to local concerns at last.
If St James thought that traffic-light tinkering and a bike-ramp would alleviate traffic congestion from a fivefold increase in housing density (11dph to 51dph) then thankfully Sutton saw that particular (green?) woollen jumper being pulled over their eyes.
What happens now? do they keep submitting planning permission until someone gets bored and approves it?

Chimurenga-Charlie said...

I do love your blog!
I've just read your Dec 2007 post re: The Hamptons and nearly fell off my ergonomic, health & safety-approved swivel chair when I read that Sutton Council DCC wanted to green-light this scheme originally. Good job to those of you in WP who opposed it so vigorously.

Gordo's neighbour said...

Great news. The infrastructure just can't cope. Still not enough GPs and school places, and on traffic, I'm not convinced that tinkering with the lights has made all that difference; traffic along Central Rd seems to have gone back to the ol gridlock once term started (is that my imagination; does anyone else agree?).

I am wondering whether there is any desire at all in the wider WP community (or at least the WPBlog-reading community) for adding to the Hamptons. And on what terms (eg, more GPs, solution to traffic)? This Blog has chronicled the change this last year in the High St; taking a view that Charity Shops and vacant lots are no good. Surely more homes in the Hamptons means more shoppers? Or is that going to be the Starbucks/Yo-Shushi/PizzaExpress/Wagamamas crowd which is not welcome? Maybe a poll?

Here's where I declare, that yes, I do live in the Hamptons, WP. Oh, and Happy Birthday WP Blog.

The Brinkster said...

:Gordo's neighbour
I don't have anything against the Hamptons residents and have friends who live there but it's the developers thinly-veiled-nod-to-the-local-community-as-a-cover-for-profit that's not welcome. Yes, The Hamptons may look like the Truman Show or Stepford Wives but I think it's OK and the more local residents to pump money into the local economy the better.

I think we all want more good quality businesses in Worcester Park but there's the need to balance that with what the local infrastructure can cope with, as you pointed out, and whilst Sutton Council have their eyes elsewhere (Sutton High Street and Rose Hill) then Worcester Park's not going to get the development it needs to step up a gear.


The Brinkster

P.S The light-tinkering isn't due to take place until early next year.

John said...

I have lived in WP for over 10 years now. Yes I feel like an old man (although am in my mid 30's) and I live in one of the roads off Central Road. I do from time to time drive to work in Town. And I can tell you that in my time living here, that the traffic has just gone down hill on an annual basis. The Green Lane traffic lights are the bane of my life in the morning and late at night. The Highway code states that major arterial traffic should have right of way. So why then, when there's nothing emerging from the Huntsman's do the lights (even late at night) go Red on the main A road through WP? Also, why is there a bottle neck at these lights? In the past (prior to these lights and for anyone from the Hamptons, yes these lights are new!) you could run 2 lanes of traffic all the way from Barclays down to the train station. Not so anymore. And yet once through the bottle neck what happens, it opens up? Can anyone please explain the logic of this to me? And if it is purely a pedestrian reason, stretchs your legs and use either the WH Smith light controlled crossing or the station crossing or do what the recent hoodies do and just cross wherever feels good and cool to you!

So in conclusion, apart from having fewer seats on the trains (I blame SWT for creating cattle class more than the developers on this one, but they didn't help the situation) more people on the roads and no real answer to the service at Manor Drive surgery, I don't think any further extension of the Hamptons is a good idea. Bearing in mind we've now lost 2 Estate Agencies (no bad thing admitedly as it means fewer flyers through doors) but houses that are built are not selling at the present, so we really don't need any more.

I thank you.

Anonymous said...

Permission refused? Good. Now we just have to hope those poorly built rip-off hampton homes fall down and we can go back to the way Worcester Park should be.

Anonymous said...

your not going to progress without us here pal!

st phillipn alleyer said...

i dont know if this has been suggested before but surely one could consider it. would it not make sense to open a road along the dirt track leading to garth road , would it not be possible to have a road outlet through green lane school and motspur park or even brige across and through the gasometers and the old bbc ground. now before all you greenys jump up for your laptops one must remember there has been vast greenspaces being swallowed in the last 2 decades and vast number of propertys been built with no new roads or successfull planning arising out of it even if it was made a 1 way traffic outlet with 6am to 9pm restriction gates applyed it has to be better than the dreadfull polution buissness thats happening now which i am sure will have consequences for years to come these are heavilly wooded areas which could withstand pollution a lot better than the sparse high street and the ever depreciating choked up green lane

Mad_Hatter said...

That must be the longest sentence in history. The writer should be so proud it beats Ed Lear for nonsense.

The Brinkster said...

Re: the road suggestion. I think that was one of the original ideas for the space but would have involved an agreement between Sutton and Merton and the chances are that neither side could see what was in it for them. Whatever happened the result was that they didn't go for it.

st phillip alleyer said...

i agree mad hatter with the first part of your name anyway.i dont know if to congradulate you for reading it so thoroghly; or laugh at ya for being such a pompus little twonk. but thanks anyway.

Anonymous said...

Re st phillipn alleyer's suggestion for a new road; it is some 40 years since I lived in the area but I had always understood that the original intention had been to build a pretty major road from what is now Jubilee Way, Tolworth, across the Kingston Road, over the railway (the bridge is there - Knollmead), across the Hogsmill (why else is there such a huge roundabout at Malden Manor?), along Sheephouse Way (massive verge, why?), to a roundabout with the junction with Malden Road on the (still?) empty space next to Manor Park, across both railway lines in the vicinity of Chelsea Close through the (still there?) gap in the houses near Risborough Drive, across what is now the cemeteries to the Grand Drive/Tudor Drive junction (again a massive roundabout for the traffic actually carried - or at least it was 40 years ago!). What a splendid rat run that would have been!!

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