Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Ghost Town

Mann Countrywide estate agents in Worcester Park has disappeared quietly into the cold October air - yet another victim of the dramatic end to the property dream.

They join Andrews, Samuel James, Knightwood Estates and Grand Estates in the growing list of Worcester Park estate agents who have bitten the dust in recent months.

I suppose these things are cyclical and when the next property boom comes around they will rise phoenix-like from the ashes and the streets of KT4 will once again be choked with estate agents driving around in their irritating company-liveried Mini Coopers.

In the meantime, there's yet another empty shop unit in Worcester Park.

Welcome to Halloween. And welcome to our ghost town.

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Anonymous said...

We bought our house through Samuel James - they were the very definition of useless, slapdash, money-grabbing estate agents, an absolute joke.

Anonymous said...

Travel Flash: A2043 Malden Road, closed between Church Road and Malden Green Avenue - Serious Road Traffic Collision. 20:10 30/10/2008

Anonymous said...

i bought my house through Andrews. They were very helpful and are still there. The survival of the fittest?

The Brinkster said...

Ermmm.... no they're not. Andrews went a few weeks ago.


The Brinkster

NS said...

It's alarming how quickly businesses are going down. Not that I'm particularly sad to see the plethora of estate agents go, though. Too bad the credit crunch probably won't affect the (shabbier) charity shops.

The Brinkster said...

Yikes! Outcommented by someone called "lifesaver" who can't spell "vomit". Time to take up golf......

The Parkerilla said...

has a comment by someone called lifesaver been deleted or has The Brinkster been on the cooking sherry again?

The Brinkster said...

WPB will have to rescue me here to confirm that there was a comment (now deleted) somewhat lacking in intellectual soundness by a person of said pseudonym who elected to choose to spell vomit with two "m"s, rather than the more phonetic spelling of Bleeaarrrrrghhhhhhh!!!

Cooking sherry? Shurely Shome Mishtake? ;)

Worcester Park said...

I can confirm that Brinkster's sobriety is not in question. I did indeed remove a badly-spelt comment inviting me to perform a physically impossible act of self-violation.

Anonymous said...

But you gave it a try though, right?


Worcester Park said...

Yep. Still doing it. Sorry for the slow typing. Difficult with left hand.

The Brinkster said...

and if you search on Youtube for the secret word....... ;)

Wait? Was that Russell Brand commenting on here??

The Parkerilla said...

Bairstow Eves at the top of Central Road is owned by the same group as Mann, Countrywide. Perhaps Countrywide thought WP wasn't big enough for the both of them in the current property climate. As it is a few days ago Standard & Poor, the credit rating agency, downgraded Countrywide to a company expected to go run out of cash within 12 months so the question why they closed the long established Mann intead of the recently opened Bairstow's may be academic pretty soon.

Anonymous said...

I have've been reading your blogs and I have a few questions:

Why are you always so sarcastic in your comments? (It's really annoying!)

What do you do for a living..?
Is this it? You have nothing better to do?

Is this your life?

Why do you care so much about other people's business? ( can't you just mind your own? )

Do you think you're funny and interesting?

Do you really think Worcester Park needs someone like you?

How do you know so much about other people's business? Are you a spy?

Are you allowed to take pictures of other people's businesses and post them on your blog with out permission?

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