Sunday, 7 September 2008

Memories To Treasure

Some time ago I reported on plans to convert 'Treasure Trove' (a.k.a. the Betty Boop shop) on Central Road into a Persian restaurant.

The planning application was duly turned down by Sutton Council - mainly due to the excessive number of covers that the restaurant would contain and fears over disturbance to local residents.

Now it seems that Betty Boop may be about to bow out of Worcester Park completely, as 'Closing Down Sale' signs are plastered all over Treasure Trove.

It may, however, be a little too soon to write the obituary of this uniquely bizarre outlet - if my memory serves me correctly, Treasure Trove has been 'closing down' on at least one occasion in the past.

Could Betty Boop really be packing her bags and leaving town? Only time will tell.

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The Brinkster said...

It was Jan-March 2006 to be exact. I did consider posting about the most recent "closure" when I saw the signs but having been taken in by them once before I'm being wary about it so in chronological order here are my related posts from Jan 2006, Feb 2006 and March 2006.

rocky said...

shame - i say charity shop or hairdressers should go there as Worcester Park is crying out for one! lol

Ian Morris said...

WP could really do with a shop at the top of the high street that is left abandoned with some dusty old furniture in it for the best part of two decades with a mystery unseen person collecting the post once in a while. Ah if only such a place existed.

Worcester Park said...

Ian - a ridiculous suggestion. Such a shop would never not survive. Even if anyone was stupid enough to close such a shop, it would surely be opened within weeks.

The Parkerilla said...

Its interesting that Sutton Council should turn down the application because, on the face of it, they feared the business might be successful. I can understand what they might have thought, suppose the restaurant turns out to be superb for food, service and generally all round. There aren't many Persian restaurants outside the West End and as word gets about people from quite far afield, perhaps very far afield, come into WP to dine, bringing in business and raising WP's profile. Fantastic. The problem is that most of their business would be in the evening when cars fill the local side streets. Parking nightmare. Its a shame, there must be a way round it. Opening Waitrose car park in the evening perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Treasure Trove is a good shop - not sure what the Betty Booping is about.

Good quality furniture and not too expensive. Some of it is probably too quirky for Worcester Parkers of the DfS, MFI ilk with their leather sofas and pink lampshades.

Shops such as Treasure Trove are common in places such as Chiswick. Clearly the taste in furniture is a bit more upmarket there.

Columbo Central said...

Its going to be a pound shop...with same Betty Boop man running it..

Anonymous said...

Worcester Park is cring out for another hairdresser/barbers.

Chimurenga-Charlie said...

Was losing sleep over wether it would be:
a) Hairdresser (Hamptons tinting, extensions & dreads?)
b) Optimistic estate agent
c) Much needed competition in the Kebab market

So I donned my incense-filtering gas mask and purchased some quirky furniture from them.
Turns out they are re-opening with a different theme and new range

Ian will have to wait a little longer for another KFC but at least the ubiquitous Coffee-Franchise has been kept away for the time being

Anonymous said...

They should open up a Nando's so we decent folk don't have to run the gauntlet and risk getting stabbed at KFC just to get some tasty chicken.

The Brinkster said...

Are you insinuating that they have tasty chicken at KFC? Surely you jest?

Anyway I think KFC has the most CCTV cameras per square foot of any establishment in Worcester Park so if you do get stabbed they might catch who did it and get youself on the telly!! ;)

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