Sunday, 28 September 2008

Flaming Traffic

OK, hardly breaking news but I've had a very busy week, so when I tell you about something happening in Worcester Park on Saturday, just pretend that it was yesterday Saturday (and not last weekend Saturday).

Deal? Good. Because blog reader David has e-mailed me an eyewitness account (and photo) of some excitement on Central Road on, erm, Saturday:

"Another exciting afternoon in Worcester Park as the driver of this Peugeot experienced a feature not highlighted in the manual; spontaneous combustion!

As he pulled over outside Megabytes in Central Road, flames were seen coming from under the bonnet before a loud bang woke up the over 70s doing their afternoon shopping as the offside front tyre exploded.

Locals rushed to the scene with fire extinguishers borrowed from nearby shops while the fire brigade made their way to the scene. After hosing the car down they were unable to push the car away from the junction and even with the offer of a tow rope from a passing motorist in his van they decided to leave the car where it was, taped off, in a decidedly dodgy position.

It was a number of hours before it was eventually taken away."

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