Sunday, 28 September 2008

Flaming Traffic

OK, hardly breaking news but I've had a very busy week, so when I tell you about something happening in Worcester Park on Saturday, just pretend that it was yesterday Saturday (and not last weekend Saturday).

Deal? Good. Because blog reader David has e-mailed me an eyewitness account (and photo) of some excitement on Central Road on, erm, Saturday:

"Another exciting afternoon in Worcester Park as the driver of this Peugeot experienced a feature not highlighted in the manual; spontaneous combustion!

As he pulled over outside Megabytes in Central Road, flames were seen coming from under the bonnet before a loud bang woke up the over 70s doing their afternoon shopping as the offside front tyre exploded.

Locals rushed to the scene with fire extinguishers borrowed from nearby shops while the fire brigade made their way to the scene. After hosing the car down they were unable to push the car away from the junction and even with the offer of a tow rope from a passing motorist in his van they decided to leave the car where it was, taped off, in a decidedly dodgy position.

It was a number of hours before it was eventually taken away."

The Worcester Park Blog. First for breaking news. Eventually.

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coffee man said...

did anyone get a ticket for blocking the yellow box at the junction !!!!!!!!!!

Ian Morris said...

There was another traffic incident yesterday (saturday evening around 7pm) involving a bus, silver car and a land rover down by iceland. Not too sure what went on there as the land rover was on the wrongside of the road facing oncoming traffic and the silver car was squashed between the bus and land rover. I have a pic!

David said...

You may find this hard to believe but I was actually in Iceland at the very moment this accident occurred yesterday evening. I think I should be WP's traffic accident correspondent as I seem to be in the right? place at the right? time when these things happen. That's two accidents in a row now.

While paying for my frozen pizzas my wife and I were politely asked by a rather agitated lady if she could pay for a bottle of Coke as her husband, the driver of the Land Rover Discovery, was diabetic and was having a 'hypo'. My take on the accident was that he must have lost control of his vehicle as he was making his way up Central Road and careered into the path of the Kingston-bound silver car. From what I could see there were no major casualties.

A well-meaning police officer was directing traffic down Windsor Road to avoid the traffic chaos, unaware that everyone was nipping through the Waitrose car park and popping out next to Iceland right on top of the accident!

Anonymous said...

*ALERT* Wor Park travel interchnage EVACUATED 18:50 30/09/2008, suspect package near bus stand. SWT non stop. 151 curtail nth cheam, s3 ctal the ave,

Anonymous said...

This just makes Worcester Park look like some ghetto. How are we to attract a higher class of resident to our new developments with things like this.

A burnt out car would never be left like this in Kensington.

It's a disgrace

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if anyone know if 113 the manor drive worcester park is still a residential home or is it now a business. I am trying to trace a family relative of mine from that address. Ta in advance G

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