Tuesday, 19 May 2009

All Things Nice

Blog reader Jacey is fed up with all the negativity:

"Am I one of the few who thinks WP is okay?

There are far worse places to live than WP, and not too far away either. I've been here since 1993 and although the High Street has changed, what hasn't?

We still have good shops here, good transport links and its a fairly quiet place. We could be overrun with "big school" kids, could have McDonalds or a nightclub etc etc - be grateful its a pretty good place with fantastic eateries and take-aways.

Let's be grateful and try to be a bit more positive eh?"

A perfect opportunity, then, to revisit an unusual outburst of positive comments from blog readers last year.

Click on the comments link below and write something nice about Worcester Park!

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Anonymous said...

The good thing about Worcester Park is that the traffic is never heavy when driving up the high street - only coming down..!

Ian Morris said...

Surrey Nefis!! Need we add any more to the list?

annie may said...

costa coffee....local parks....waitrose on our doorstep for when we're feeling flush.....Jay in the newsagents at top of the high street - always friendly....costcutter...and not to mention GREAT BLOGGERS

Worcester Park said...

Yes, we do need to redress the balance occasionally, so Worcester Park can be seen for the great place it is and not dragged down to the Daily Mail's 'Apartheid UK' level.

Now... more positives please!!

chris said...

Worcester Park is a great place to live.

It's made all the better by this Blog (The Brinkster is pretty good too - when does he get back from his holiday?) You definately get to hear all the news (or is it gossip?)

The Hamptons/non Hamptons debate is great!!

Because of these blogs I have been more open to trying places I would not have ventured to before - we popped into the Cazbar on Sunday (it seemed like a good idea to combine a pub crawl with the bus day!) I have to say I was impressed with their air conditioning and their outside space (or beer patio!) was serendipity!

Yes, the chavs spoil WP a bit but then what would we have to moan about.....

Anonymous said...

If you've never lived outside WP/Sutton/Cheam - yes it is a great place to live. Some of us however have lived in other boroughs of London. The reason I came to WP is because sadly I could not afford to buy in Richmond. It's as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

oh yes and no mosques

MadHatter said...

I think you will all agree the best thing about WP is the great selection of charity shops, we are truly spoiled for choice.

Andy said...

I grew up in Worcester Park, it was indeed a wonderful place. Don't like it much now though and would only consider living there as a last resort. I regularly get back down there as my mum lives there and I have quite a few mates there, the Cazbar is great for the football as well. Always glad when I'm on the train heading for the Surrey countryside though....

Carlos said...

I moved to Worcester Park in March, from a village in the middle of no where in North Yorkshire.

The shopping is much better than where I was before, the restaurants / dining out options are infinitley better, and there are also strange, big, cars that go on tracks to other places, which is somewhat of a novelty to me :D

The Cazbar is a great boozer, and Nefis do a great kebab for the way home.

All in all, I'm liking it, although I have no idea what my neighbours names are.

Anonymous said...

Have lived in Worcester Park for 35 years ,and no i am not a nimby,or a snob.
Worcester Park is a great place to live has all the services great transport connections etc.and Costas and John James.
The problem lies with the local authorities Sutton council gives the impression it would prefer WP to shut down and move all the shops to Sutton centre.They really should support the shops and traders,
Kingston's part is forgotten as it's on the boundary.
As far as the Hampton's are concerned what an ill conceived project without providing , extra facilities/ services in an already overcrowded area .The developers should pay for this and thier offers not declined by the authorities.

Still great tp live in WP though.

Mary said...

Lived here a long time, I love "Broadway Bargains" the people who run/own it(?) are lovely and they have some unique items for sale, Tip: a good place to fill your children's party bags.
I agree that we do seem to have rather a lot of charity shops now but it seems that this might be very useful in the near future, as some of us may have to watch our pennies even more.
We have good park spaces locally to enjoy and are only a short distance from London for further entertainment. There are lots of worse places to live!

Anonymous said...

I always know when i'm back from my travels when i wake to the sound of the sirens as one or other service races along the empty Cheam Common Road at half past some ungodly hour.. bliss.

In defence of WP though.. there are some great people living here and really friendly shop owners who actually do know you and what you want.
Cheam common schools are good as the results show and there is several Scout/Guide groups, all of which make some of the kids in WP better people.

Lets be honest, there aren't that many chavs here & the few oiks that hang around KFC aren't there all time (Hmmm that makes me wonder where they are the rest of the time now !)

WP does have issues with traffic and if these were addressed then I think the ongoing moaning about our favourite new development would cease (Maybe)(But then again it is good sport)

Anonymous said...

a high st with a butchers bakers and green grocer is a rare and lovelyy thing.
being far enough out of london to not have to give it a thought at weekends, but close enough to reach it easily in the week is grreat
my mum lives where i was brought up in waltham forest so to her when she comes to stay, its like an idylic holiday.
charcoal grill is fabby

i could go on

love ya wp. xx

Dormouse said...

The best thing has to be The Worcester Park Athletic Club, a hidden gem. The only sporty thing about it is it's name. It's a real drinkers paradise ask about membership at the bar but don't mention the dirty word 'sport'.

Jacey said...

Thank goodness and thank you, at last some positives! I came from Leatherhead via Surbiton and Wimbledon to Worcester Park in 1993. Convenient for London, good shops and great restaurants/take aways, if only I could afford them all! Its about time people praised it, after all you could be living in.......... well you fill in the dots! Take the small bits of rough with the smooth eh?

Janette said...

I too come from Waltham Forest ( Highams Park actually) and would never go back. I have lived in WP for 20 years now and fell in love with the place the first time I saw it- a small oasis of peace and friendliness. May it never change!

Anonymous said...

From someome who moved here from Feltham 12 years ago, I think it a good place to live.

Stephan said...

I've been here a few years now and really like WP. The crime rate is relitavely low and there are three good parks within walking distance or a short drive (4 if you count the hamptons). The people are great, the schools are great, the bloggers are not bad I suppose (*giggle*) and it's within easy reach of the capital. What more could you want?

Samsungite said...

Compared to Feltham, Baghdad is a good place to live!

Maureen Fisher said...

Just wanted to say Hi. I am an ex WP resident who retired to France some five years ago. Quite by chance, as the old TWA Sewage site was morphing into the Hamptons! This was more luck than judgement.
I lived with my husband and three children at 122 Green Lane (the old TWA houses) for 29 very happy years. It was a great place to live. However, I am not sure that it would be so now. We knew that there would be trouble brewing when the Hamptons was built. The "powers that be" did not think things through properly. Regarding access, traffic etc, etc.
I discovered your lovely Blog a while ago and I can keep up to date with all the "goss" in WP. I also have the local Sutton and Kingston papers here on line. Am I sad, or what? It is just that I care what happens in WP although I am blissfully happy here in rural Normandie. Where if you see more than 6 cars on your way to the nearest town, it is a traffic jam!

Maureen xx

Anonymous said...

I have lived in wp all my life (apart from a brief trip to university) and I have always been very happy here. Houses are much better value for money. The choice of restaurants is brilliant. So many good, family run and friendly shops. Quiet, safe streets, good parks for my son to play in. Nice local schools, easy trip into town, friendly neighbours. I am in my thirties and in lots of ways it is better than when i was a child. Only the traffic lets the place down.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen that the house prices in the borough of Sutton have fallen more than 11 percent in the last twelve months? This is according to the monthly survey of rightmove.co.uk which was released today.
I am not all surprised by this poor performance of Sutton which is a lot worse than other boroughs in London.
I am not surprised as I live here in WP and can see how the area is going down the toilet and if people want to stick their heads in the sand like a demented ostrich they are welcome to do so.
But please don't complain when the average 3 bedroom house is worth £170,000 by the end of next year.
I just want to give the people who say WP is "great" or "fantastic" a reality check.

rocky said...

Good Things:

Cazbar, John James, Marie Curie Charity Shop, Surrey Nefis, lack of traffic in Green Lane in School Holidays

Bad Things:

Chavs, The school run, chav parents, chav babies, chav houses, chav builders vans and unruly chavs.

The problem is simple - WP is actually a great place to live with good acces to London, the problem is migration and society. WP was populated by inner london families made good in the 70's, during the 80's these families were settled and having kids, WP had a thriving high street and good schools.
Suddenly society deems it normal to have four kids by the time your 16 and estate agents begin a campaign of lunacy with house prices ("yeah that washing machine in the front garden is a period feature and adds character - that'll be 370,000 please!") meaning you have affluent city couples mixing with benefit sponging classless chavs and lo and behold they dont get on. Unfortunately what happens in this scenario is that the chavs "know their rights" and make a lot of noise and mess and the well rounded amongst us migrate further out of london again. in 10 years WP will be a trendy greater London postcode like putney and clapham and Astead and Leatherhead will be the new chav dunping grounds.

Anonymous said...

Leatherhead is already a chav infested sh*thole! Walk around it at any time of the day and night and you are likely to be accosted by kids (no older than fourteen years of age) pestering you for drink, charlie and E's. The Kingston Road is a chav magnet and the Costcutter shop in Leatherhead is regularly held up by knive wielding thugs, the staff are racially abused and there are regular standoff's between the chavish thugs and the police. Ashtead also has its fair share of problems. They have had a Section 30 dispersal order there for almost three years at the parade of shops and the train station. Most of these thugs came from the Cleeve Road Estate in Leatherhead and the Wells Estate in Epsom. So, count your blessings that you do not live in North Leatherhead - it is one of the most deprived areas in Surrey, has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Surrey, crime is out of control and the police would rather catch the odd speeder on the A24 or hide out in the cushy villages in Mole Valley. x

Friend of Gordo said...

My family and I moved into the Hamptons, primarily because we are looking to bring up our children in a green (ex-sewage, so we'd done ou research), open environment. In general, the 'community' of WP has been a real bonus. Wish I had more time to spend on the high street TBH. Okay, there are serious issues with traffic, and I wish there were less charity shops (my mum can't keep out of them when she's visiting), but I'm proud to say I now live in WP (and the Hamptons)!

kathie said...

very little noise from aircraft compared with just about everwhere else in London; nice neighbours who respect each others "space" but will drop everything to help out in an emergency;Cuddington Rec;the many cheap and cheerful restaurants and cafes;primary schools;bits of bomb casing from WWII turning up occaisionally when you do the gardening; peace and quiet; lots of good places to pick blackberries.

SC said...

It's not Stoneleigh.

Anonymous said...

i cant be the only person in WP that lives under a helicopter flight path ! .... tonight is like a vietnam invasion.
Private and army stuff passing all the time. it used to just be on epsom derby day

Anonymous said...

So having lived here between me and my other half for the last couple of years, we can definitely say that the high street with a greengrocer,butcher, baker is such a great asset to a little corner of london, chequers the cafe is a lovely little place for a spot of breakfast and not to mention the community feel generally in the daytime...

A couple of questions though having read other comments...whats Casbah like? weve always missed opening hours but always walk past, why does nothing else open later than a pub in WP? surely there are a lot of people in WP that wouldnt mind a later social life??

Lastly, apart from KFC its great to see that our high street hasnt been overrun with takeaways and estate agents as is the trend in other areas that we have lived.

We agree that WP could possibly become another, albeit smaller, Clapham or Wimbledon that has been rejuvenated and been invested in with a very exciting future.

Furthermore, having stumbled upon this blog, its really encouraging to find a community that obviously cares about itself so much ..even to the point that it has a blog to comment on the area.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I moved to WP about 18 months ago and we love it here. People should appreciate what they have. The houses are relatively affordable, the transport links are excellent, the High Steet is decent, and there's plenty of greenery. The people are generally friendly and some of the local stores (for local people) are exceptional.

You can't get away from the dole scum/chavs these days. Not unless you're a millionaire anyway.

Jacey said...

A big THANK YOU for Anonymous above! I've been banging on about how OKAY W'Park is ,having lived here since 1993 and commuting to London. Great takeaways, restaurants and all the necessary shops. Okay, when I first came here there were 3 bakers, 2 butchers and a fish shop but times change. Sorry but a lot of the replies just see the one incident etc and should really try to appreciate WP.

Now......where was that e-mail knocking my place of birth Leatherhead, making it sound like Essex!

Janette said...

I have lived in WP for 21 years now and I never tire of the place. It has everything you really need ( apart from a doctor's surgery and a secondary school) but at least you feel safe walking home from the station at 1200 at night. You cant say that about Sutton!!!

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