Friday, 22 August 2008

On Target

Martin e-mailed me late last night to let me know about his local website . Unfortunately in my haste this morning I misread it as, so was most disappointed to find nothing on his site by way of a cure for my dreadfully aching premolar.
In the end though it turned out the site was all about darts (I supposed you could use a really sharp one to relieve toothache). Actually it's a shame that darts isn't in the Olympics, as that would definitely be one more sport at which Team GB could excel (in addition to all the splashing, running, leaping about and paddling that we've suddenly become unexpectedly good at).

I've never played the sport myself (I don't have the figure for it) so my own experience of darts is limited to fond Sunday tea-times shared with Jim Bowen, Tony Green and their contestants - invariably northern men called Dave, with the occasional female contestant sporting a BHS dress and obligatory perm.

Anyway, back to Worcester Park and Martin (whose real name is probably Dave) tells me that that darts is alive and well in KT4 and the Royal British Legion club on Central Road is the place to be:

"The Surrey Darts Ladies A team has moved from the Epsom British Legion to the new home venue of Worcester Park British Legion

This coincides with Surrey just having been promoted into the national Premier Division from Division 1 as Champions. Hostilities commence on the weekend of 13/14 September away at darting unbeatables Yorkshire.

Before that though, a friendly has been arranged at WPBL on Sunday 24th August between a Surrey squad and what is termed as the 'Worcester Park Elite'. I know some of the guys representing Worcester Park and it looks like it will be a right laugh."

I'm not quite sure why it will be a right laugh - perhaps the Worcester Park team are comedically bad and we're in a for an evening of slapstick misaps and hilariously misjudged darts throwing. I guess you'll have to be there to find out.

Tantalisingly we are told to watch out for Worcester Park Elite Squad's 'secret weapon'.

Is it a bendy bully?