Monday, 25 August 2008

Terrific Warden?

I'm still undecided whether Westminster Council's charm offensive to make their traffic wardens more charming and less offensive is laudable or laughable.

I've certainly never had a run-in with a traffic warden in Worcester Park - indeed the chap that patrols around Waitrose and the surrounding roads looks friendly enough, and can often be seen whiling away his break times by broadening his horizons at the local library. Educate yourself, my son, and one day you'll'll be... well, something other than a traffic warden.

Unless, of course, those aren't his break times, in which case he is in deep trouble for skyving when he should be out tormenting motorists.

Worcester Park resident Brian has e-mailed me to let me know there is a new ticketing menace in KT4:

'It appears we have a new traffic warden in Worcester Park. I observed him in Brinkley Road, sticking a parking ticket on a car which was parked with two wheels on the pavement (which has been allowed at the main road end of the street for about the last eight years) yet he ignored the car (also parked legally) behind him.

He also totally ignored the car he was standing net to which had no front number plate or tax disc which has been parked there for the last two months.

Should this div really get paid from the money we pay into the council tax?"