Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Gold Muddle

Good old Sutton Council - they never miss an opportunity for a self-congratulatory press release. Witness this shamelessly opportunistic example of basking in the reflected glory of Carshalton-born Olympic gold medallist Rebbeca Romero:

"Cllr Ruth Dombey, Deputy Leader of Sutton Council said:

“Through Smarter Travel Sutton, the council and TfL are encouraging more people to cycle than ever before, with increased parking, cycle routes and maps available.

“I hope Rebecca’s superb victory inspires people of all ages to get in the saddle, either to compete or simply for every day journeys.”

Team GB & Sutton Council - together we're going for gold.

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Adrian Short said...

Congratulations to Rebecca and Joe and all the other Olympic medallists with a tenuous connection to the borough!

Sailing silver medallist Joe Glanfield once visited Stonecot Hill's shops with his mother at the age of seven. Stonecot Hill has over 80 local businesses catering for a wide variety of everyday household needs. Why not sail on in like Joe did and see if you can pick up a bargain today?

ps. Are there medals for barrel-scraping and shameless opportunism?

The Parkerilla said...

The Times this morning is going for the "Rebecca Romero was brought up by a single mother in Wallington, Surrey" angle.

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