Sunday, 10 August 2008

Classic Bus Spotter Day

Today was Classic Bus Spotter Day - a chance for members of the public young and old to catch a glimpse of some rarely seen bus spotters on the streets of Worcester Park - many of whom only get brought in public once or twice a year.

The weather was good, the public were out in force and there was plenty to see - my favourite being this 1952 bus spotter with trademark brown satchel.

They just don't make them like that any more.

Oh, and there were some old buses trundling around the streets of Worcester Park as well.

Would you like to see some pictures of those?

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Adrian Short said...

I have a friend who thinks he may be a bus spotter. What advice could you give... him?

Oh, all are welcome to post their photos from today to my Worcester Park Classic Bus Run Flickr pool. Or just pop along to have a look.

Anonymous said...

Even the local chavs got up early to see the busses - I spotted a group of them just after 4pm - they looked very confused seeing the open platform, but soon worked out that they could jump on and off it whilst the bus was moving.

rob_browning said...

Dear Adrian,

Thank you for sharing your 'friends' problem with us. I hope he gets the help he needs very soon. At present I don't think there is any cure for this very strange ailment. May I suggest he doesn't wear an anorak in public or anything else likely to draw unwanted attention.
I have enclosed a few timetables, route changes, and leaflets which may keep your friend off the roads for a few days. So may glory from defect arise.

Anonymous said...

Great day . Should be an annual event.

Jacey (aged 54) said...

I was off to a football match yesterday and it was great to do the first bit of my marathon by old bus from North Cheam. Thank you very much indeed, I even got a ticket but lost it.
I don't remember those bus routes as I hail from Leatherhead and I think it was the 65 bus for me along the Chessington Road and a 714 Green Line came later I think. I also thought I remembered going on a 416 single decker green bus from Leatherhead to Esher, known as the "Char special" but Mum says I'm wrong with the number, Can anyone enlighten me?

Steve said...

Jacey, glad you were able to use one of our buses on the way to the football. You're right about all the route numbers. Here's our own bus in Esher a couple of months ago - we couldn't afford to repaint it green for the day.

Chris said...


Just wanted to say Sunday was a great day.

We did a few trips on the buses between Worcesetr Park, North Cheam and Morden(we even got a ticket on one! - that brought back some memories).

The atmosphere was great and the bus spotters were entertaining - but not as entertaining as the general public - There were the open mouthed onlookers; the people who thought TFL were having a bad day and had resorted to using old stock. But the highlight of the day had to be the person who tried to swipe their Oyster card on the conductors ticket machine!!

It should definately be an annual event.

The Parkerilla said...

Adrian, I took about 30 pics I'll add to your flickr collection just as soon as I've worked out how to become a member of flickr in the meantime you can see some of them at my blog


The Parkerilla

Jacey said...

Steve - muchas gracias for proving me right, I got there eventually with the picture . I knew I was right and once again thanks to all for a nice little trip on the bus. Certainly makes a change from all this Hampton's stuff!

Peter said...

Times move on. In my day, bus spotters had duffle bags. Now it's just a plastic carrier bag - see the spotter talking to the conductor in that last photo.
Glad you all liked the day, it took a lot of work!

Anonymous said...

That must be Adrian's friend.

Samsungite said...

It was indeed a great day. I jumped on a 32 especially for the occasion. Not spent so much time in WP for years, I trust the spotters were all locals? Scary bunch!

I saw one bearded nutter in the 'fast lane' by Morden Park taking photo's of the RT we were on as several cars were approaching!

It appears it is not only chavs that have no sense of fear...., or jsut no sense at all!

Hgfhgfhgf said...
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