Friday, 1 August 2008

Can't get you out of my head

So July's uninformative and unscientific monthly poll has now drawn to a close. Throughout July blog readers have been polled on the reason why they live in Worcester Park.

Topping the poll with 39% was 'I live in Worcester Park because... voices in my head told me to' proving nothing (except that blog readers take the whole thing even less seriously than I do).

I certainly experienced weird voices constantly urging me to move to Worcester Park, however those were just the trio of local estate agents (named Darren, Darren and Darren as I recall) that I had registered my house-hunting details with.

Although it could be that we have uncovered some strange phenomenon here - perhaps the voices are relly there and Worcester Park is the setting of a bizarre Truman Show type experiment. Come to think of it, that would explain what The Hamptons are doing here. suddenly it all makes sense.

Surprisingly, only 22% of residents were lured here by the offer of a free compost bin from Sutton Council - I expect that once more people discover the joys of decomposing your kitchen and garden waste that this number will rise exponentially.

Only 14% were honest enough to admit moving here because they couldn't afford Cheam. Mind you with house prices in free fall you'll soon be able to afford a house practically anywhere (so long as you don't need to heat it or buy food to put in the fridge that you can't even afford to switch on).

Anyway, must go now. Voices in my head are telling me to stop.