Saturday, 2 August 2008

Outrage on every page

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a journalist from The Daily Mail who was writing a piece on The Hamptons social housing and the furore sparked off by the whole curfew issue. Despite the fact that he writes for The Mail (free outrage with every issue) I gave him 20 minutes of my time on the phone to talk through the issues surrounding The Hamptons debate.

The article has now appeared (pages 42-43) in today's paper and contains a healthy amount of the more vitriolic reader comments that were posted here on The Worcester Park Blog.

I have two issues with The Daily Mail article. The first being the fact that no credit was given to the Worcester Park Blog for all the comments lifted straight into the finished newspaper article. But hey, my ego can live with that.

The second issue is that most of the comments lifted from The Worcester Park Blog were posted on here anonymously - and many were distinctly tongue in cheek. As I said to the journalist on the phone, I myself am not sure whether the deluge of comments on this blog came from a real cross-section of Hamptons and non-Hamptons residents or just two passionate blog readers exchanging regular electronic insults.

Either way, considerable fuel has been poured on the flames of The Hamptons and Worcester Park has now been painted as a utterly snobbish and intolerant place, which I don't believe it is at all. All the Daily Mail article will ultimately achieve is to provoke the very disharmony that it purports exists on The Hamptons.

You can read the article here. Just don't forget to wash your hands afterwards.