Tuesday, 8 July 2008

UFO, no?

The local Guardian have reported this as well, but a couple of blog readers have e-mailed me with their first-hand sighting of these strange lights that appeared in the sky over Worcester Park on Sunday night, including this from Anne:

"I wonder if you or any of your readers saw the strange lights bouncing around in the sky above Worcester Park, from about midnight to 1am Sunday night.

It would be wonderful if they were UFOs - that would really help put Worcester Park on the map - but I'm sure there's a much more mundane explanation.

There were three balls of light, quite ghostly looking, high in the clouds, each circulating in its own orbit, but coming together every so often to bounce off each other. It was quite intriguing to watch."

Did you anything? Eye witness accounts (and photos, of course) all welcome!
We wondered if it was a laser show, though there were no visible upward beams visible linking them to the ground.

Someone else said perhaps it was ball lightening, but the movement seemed a bit too regular.

Anyway, if anyone can cast any light on these lights, so to speak, I'd be grateful, I'm curious to know what or who caused them.