Saturday, 26 July 2008

She stumped by tree stump

Fiona is worried about trees - well, one ex-tree in particular:

"I was wondering if you can shed any light on the tree that has disappeared along The Manor Drive. I walk this way down to Malden Manor station every morning and to my surprise one day this week what appeared to be a healthy tree had been chopped down.............the next morning the stump had been ground out all together.

Is this the subtle action in advance of extending the S3 bus along this road, I wonder, in the hope no one will notice, or is there something more sinister going on in our midst? "

Well, I can't answer that one myself - although perhaps it's a cynical ploy to take all the trees and put'em in a tree museum (and charge all the people 25 bucks just to see'em).

If anyone can solve the riddle of the disappearing tree of Manor Drive then do let me know.

Summer is here so it is the season of badly-done D.I.Y. It seems that Worcester Park is not immune from the curse of slap-dashery - witness this local example of how not to decorate...

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The Brinkster said...

I guess it's probably the same thing that Sutton Council were up to in Brinkley Road a while back where they chopped the trees down one day and ground the stumps down the next. See this post for details.

Veritas said...

Perhaps with the onset of a ludicrously high cost of living someone is stocking up on low cost fuel options for the colder weather. Hands up anyone who has a wood burning stove in Worcester Park.

the_parkerilla said...

that badly painted post looks suspiciously like the foot of a "for sale" board, perhaps he decided to decorate it expecting it to be there for a good long while in the current market.


The Parkerilla

Anonymous said...

I too noticed the stump, but more worrying is that I can't remember the tree being there, despite me walking past it twice a day.

On the subject of the S3 bus, does anyone know the outcome?

Anonymous said...

There is another tree missing from The Manor Drive, down opposite the surgery!! What's going on??????

Anonymous said...

I wish they'd remove the tree outside my house - keeps dropping a mist of Sap all over the cars - By the way I've got a woodburner :) shame I didn't get to the trees.

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