Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Rubbish Communication

Perhaps I'm expecting too much, but it would have been nice of Sutton Council to give us advanced warning of the Local Authority strike.

Being a 21st century citizen, I checked their website last night to see whether they were one of the councils affected by the decision by hundreds of workers up and down the country to have a few days off in the sunshine.

Nothing was on the website to suggest that services would be disrupted so I happily wheeled the bins to the kerbside last night and curled up on the sofa to chuckle at the news item on TV about Swansea University students who are having to have their graduation ceremony in a tent because of the strike.

As those of you who were due to have waste collected today will have noticed, the bin men never did come - and those due collections tomorrow will also miss out.

In a fit of bin-rage I hatched an ingenious plan to drive my uncollected refuse to the heart of Sutton officialdom and unceremoniously tip the contents onto the floor of the Town Hall shouting 'This is what I think of your waste collection!'.

But that will never happen. So instead I'll content myself with the advice posted belatedly on Sutton Council's website.

It's just a shame that Sutton Council didn't have the courtesy to give residents a bit of advanced notice. Ah well. Next time, eh?